Make your graduates feel extra special on their graduation day by planning a unique party they can enjoy with their friends. A memorable party doesn’t need to be over the top. Just a little DIY here and there are enough to create a fun-filled day. Your graduate and guests will surely appreciate your effort and creative ideas. We’ve rounded up some cool graduation party ideas that you can throw together for this special event.

Themed Party

A themed graduation party can be quite expensive and may require long days of preparation, but it can make any graduation party unique and unforgettable. A reliable party rental service can help you choose and plan for a good party theme. Consider your graduate’s personality and interests before choosing a party theme. It’s best to include your graduate in the preparation and planning to make sure they will enjoy the outcome of the event.

Pull out your old flared jeans and blast songs from Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, and ABBA for a 70s disco party theme. There are endless party opportunities in exploring musical genres.Or, if your graduates are into jazz music or theater, The Great Gatsby theme will make a glamorous graduation party. Focus on the décor, music, and costume to create a perfect Gatsby-themed party.

Graduation Cap Gift Boxes

Graduation souvenirs or gifts don’t need to be expensive to wow your guests. A thoughtful, small gift is always appropriate. For a quick and easy party keepsake, purchase mortarboard treat boxes (or create your own if you’re a DIY enthusiast) and fill each box with butter mints, gumballs or caramel chocolates.

Party Food and Decoration with Graduation Elements

  • Table Napkin Diplomas – Roll utensils in a napkin and tie it with a black ribbon to look like diplomas.
  • Graduation Cap Stoppers – To create a hat, cut a square out of a construction paper and punch a small hole at the center. Cut a rectangular strip and form it into a cylinder shape. Glue it to the square cutout, and then slip in a straw.
  • Graduation Cupcakes – Everyone loves cupcakes! Cupcakes are great for all types of graduation parties. You can find the cupcake recipe here.
  • Diploma Cookies – Use store-bought wafer sticks. Tie satin ribbons around the rolled cookies to look like diplomas.
  • Graduation Advice Tree – use an advice tree as the centerpiece. Write inspirational quotes and messages on cards and stick them on the tree’s branches.

Memory Box

Another great graduation souvenir is one that calls for reminiscing about the younger years, no matter what college the graduates will be attending in the fall. Also, consider creating a memory box with a photo gift inside. It’s a great and unique idea because it’s affordable and thoughtful. Finally, add a graduation card or letter that talk about the fun times the graduates had with each other.

Drink Bottle Party Invitation

It’s a modified version of the “bachelorette bubbles” party invitation. If your guests are mostly minors, choose sodas or fruit juice bottles instead of champagne or wine. Soak the bottles in water with soap to remove existing labels. Here is a customizable template you can download, customize the labels and print on a sticker paper. Apply the cutout to each bottle and send it as a gift or a party invitation. In addition, you can also use mason jars with homemade drinks or jams for a more personalized appeal.