Do you love entertaining? It seems like everyone here in Southern California does. From block parties to garden parties to beach parties, social life in the area revolves around festive get-togethers.

And while this means your life is never boring when you call SoCal home, it also means that if you want your party to stand out in the sea of events, you need to come up with something unique. To get you inspired, check out our list of 5 unique Southern California party ideas.

1. Children’s Birthday Parties—For Adults

What would have been your dream party when you were, say, eight years old? If you never got to have that party of your dreams, it isn’t too late. Embrace your inner child with a children’s birthday party for adults. From a Rainbow Brite theme to a giant bounce house to pony rides, you can use this theme to craft a party your guests are never going to forget. This is a theme that you can take as far as you wish, so have fun with it.

2. Backyard Camp Out

While bonfires on the beach are a mainstay here, transferring it to your backyard can give it new life. Combine it with traditional campground foods, fun games, and tents, and you have a very unique party. It is the ideal way to enjoy a bit of the camping experience without actually having to rough it. And if you are looking for a twist on the theme, consider a glamping party where you enjoy the outdoors while looking great and never sacrificing your comfort.

3. A Socialite Party

Southern California is often stereotyped based on the behaviors of certain socialites that dominate the media. So rather than fight it, why not have a little fun with it? Everyone can come dressed up as their favorite celebrity who is famous without good reason and indulge in the very best in life. To plan, browse high profile Instagram pages to see how the elite are partying and try to replicate the look.

4. Southern Picnic

In other countries, American parties are very trendy. These parties tend to focus on the most stereotypical aspects of American culture, with red Solo cups being central to the theme. But what is an American party for Americans? You could easily come up with different themes for each area of the country. But if you are looking for fun and sophistication, a southern picnic theme is the way to go. Everyone can come dressed in their summer best while dining on delectable food at tables covered in gingham cloth.

5. Very, Very Viking

If you ever went to college, you remember how popular Greek toga parties were. But the Greeks are not the only ancient society you can center your party on. If you are looking to surprise people with your theme, switch it up and go Viking. The costumes will be amazing, the food unique, and the fun unforgettable.

For You Party, Turn to Pico Party Rentals

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