In cool weather, you typically need to heat two areas at your event: open-air patios and tent interiors. Each setting requires a different kind of temperature control solution. In a patio with good airflow, you can use heaters that vent directly into the surrounding environment. However, in an enclosed area like a tent interior, you typically need to avoid this type of direct venting and use heaters that don’t sit in the same indoor space. We carry a full inventory of both patio heaters and tent heaters.

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Freestanding Cooling Fans

A freestanding cooling fan is also known as a pedestal fan. It features a pedestal base and a large-diameter fan mounted on a sturdy, metal column. Home cooling fans are relatively small, but the models used for special events have large blades and a diameter of at least 30 inches. These features make it possible to lower the temperature effectively in tents, as well as patios and other outdoor areas. Well-maintained cooling fans don’t make much noise while operating. This means that you can use them without disrupting your event’s desired atmosphere. A long cord makes it possible to place freestanding cooling fans in optimal position.

At Pico Party Rental, we carry a large stock of durable, freestanding cooling fans. Our high-efficiency units, equipped with 30-in blades, help you keep your guests cool while keeping sound levels and power usage under control. They’re perfect for open-air environments, as well as tent interiors.