Every year sees big trends in parties, but most trends fade out rather quickly. One trend that has been going strong and is unlikely to fade out anytime soon is having a relaxing lounge area at your party. These lounge spaces are meant to give guests a space to relax while enjoying a drink and conversation, away from the rest of the party.

But if you have never created a lounge area for a party, the task might seem overwhelming. To help, we have compiled a list of simple tips for creating a relaxing lounge area at your party.

First, Determine Where Party Central Will Be

The idea behind having a lounge space is that it gives people a quieter space away from the party so they can relax and talk, but it still keeps them close enough to the party that they are a part of it. Because of this, location is key, but you cannot pick the right spot until you know where the center of your party will be. Once you know where the music, dancing, and other main events will be taking place, you can find a spot that works.

Next, Pick Your Lounge Location or Locations

Keep in mind that you can have as many lounge spaces as works for your venue. For example, if you have a large backyard and are hosting your party there, you might have your music and dance in the middle. Then, you could create multiple lounge spaces along the periphery. If you are hosting your party at an event hall, you might have your lounge space in the foyer just outside the doors to your event.

Mix Up Your Seating Arrangements

When people head to the lounge, they are generally looking to chat with friends. However, the amount of friends involved in these chats will vary. You might have some pairs of best friends, some large groups, and plenty that are in between. Try to mix things up between arrangements for four, arrangements for eight, and arrangements for ten, choosing furniture that makes it easy for these groups to break off into smaller conversations.

Get Creative

Sofas and chairs are fine, but depending on your theme, you can embrace other items. You can use popup cabanas for extra privacy, loungers for a relaxing experience, and even beds filled with fluffy pillows can be a fun twist on the usual. Other options to consider are bean bags and floor pillows, or even fluffy rugs so you can make the most of your floor space.

Set the Mood

The lounge is meant to be a relaxing space where people can unwind from the excitement of the party. You need to select decorations and lighting that help make it feel calm. Draped fabrics in various textures help, as does mood lighting, such as fairy lights. This is a great opportunity to explore two sides of your theme—the vibrant side of the party and the calming side of the lounge.

Don’t Forget Your Accents

In addition to the items that tie into your theme, your lounge space should have accents that add to its comfort. Look into things like throw pillows and blankets that help to add comfort. And do not forget the tables so there are places for drinks and finger foods.

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