If anything, glassware plays a still larger role in successful event planning than dishware. That’s because event’s that don’t feature food service still typically feature a variety of beverages, including everything from water to bar offerings. Even at the most intimate gathering, you’ll need to supply drinking glasses and serving receptacles. And both smaller and larger gatherings may call for the use of glassware during special moments such as toasts or speeches.

Common types, martini glasses, hi-ball cocktail glasses, lowball cocktail glasses and dessert glasses. Items in each of these categories are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. This means that, in addition to choosing the right type glassware for every stage of your event, you must choose options that blend well with other aspects of your overall theme or design.

Pico Party Rents carries a comprehensive inventory of glassware rentals for your special event. From water glasses, tumblers and pitchers to wine glasses, martini glasses and cocktail glasses, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got a selection of shot glasses for those wilder moments at adult functions. We can also accommodate special requests, so let us know if you need glassware options not list here.

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