Aside from being an important component of your organization’s monetary strategy, a fundraiser event will give you a chance to interact with your supporters and the community. Fundraising should not be a stressful event. A reliable party rental service will make sure your event is not only executed successfully, but with less hassle and frustration on your part.

1. You will get limitless creative suggestions when you are stuck in a limbo of event planning.

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter fundraiser event. A reliable party rental service will not only ask you what you want but will share with you their own expertise in executing successful events. Your exact needs combined with their extensive knowledge, creativity, and curiosity will help convey a message that is uniquely yours. At Pico Party Rentals, you will get ideas and recommendations backed up by over 90 years of experience in event planning and promotion services.

Do you feel stumped in finding a creative solution to your fundraiser event? We can help you with that. We think beyond the normal and we can transform any social event, no matter the size or scale, into a memorable one. We’ve been helping various companies, churches, and nonprofit organizations raise funds for years. If you’re running out of ideas or you don’t know what type of program would work best for your event, leave the worrying to us.  

2. They can transform your vision into reality.

The best party service rental can transform any idea into reality. To be able to do that they must be equipped with an extensive inventory, or have the means to look for particular items and products, for almost any conceivable event theme. If you want to take advantage of the summer weather, they can provide large tents complete with tables and padded chairs. You can rely on them for cocktails and staging a dance floor for charity galas. Looking for a more fun and exciting option to raise money? Then have them set up the stage for a band or any live entertainment.

Raising money and having a good time should go hand in hand. You need a team you can rely on for total event design, installation, and corporate services. Whether it’s a BBQ party, live auction, or extravagant galas, we have the best and the most extensive staging, catering and entertainment equipment, tent packages, and dinnerware. In addition, we can go out of our way to satisfy specific requirements.

3. You will feel secure knowing there is a dedicated team that will work with you from start to finish.

From picking the right venue, presentation length, permit acquisition, and meal selection, a reliable party rental team will not let you do it on your own – unless that is what you want. We value all our clients and we treat them equally, whether they are hosting a small or extravagant event. We are very supportive of events for a cause. We can always find a workaround if you have specific requirements or special needs or if you are looking for a particular product not mentioned in our inventory.

We also do off-site consultation for a small fee. We can survey prospective event locations and then make suggestions on what rental items fit your budgetary requirements. On top of that, you can be sure that we will be available on time during the teardown process.

4. They can help you devise a plan on how to handle prospective disasters.

Planning an event is nerve-wracking and if Murphy’s Law is on your side, then anything that can go wrong, will surely go wrong. The nagging fear of every event planner is managing potential event problems. We can discuss with you some of the issues you might face on the day of the event, including guest dropouts, technology failure, drunk and disorderly guests and delayed performers. This way, we can plan for adjustments and damage control.

Our family-operated company has been in business since 1925. We have witnessed more than our fair share of party mishaps and event disasters. We do not want any of that to happen to your charity event. Working with us means you will be prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances and your party will not be compromised.

5. They offer clean, high-quality products, and unmatched services.

Many people come to a charity event for the experience. As an exchange to their donation, your job is to give them an amazing and unforgettable time. You do not want a simple AV tech failure, dirty silverware or a long toilet queue to ruin that experience, especially if your crowd is composed of high-profile guests.

Our excellent rental products will create the perfect atmosphere for your charity fundraiser event, and we guarantee you that they will reach your venue pristine and in great working condition. Our sound systems, lighting facilities, projection rentals and other equipment will be tested meticulously before and after set-up.

We offer simple and economical restrooms, as well as high-end or elegant ones for all your guests. We also offer crowd control equipment if you’re planning entertainment for a large event. You can choose from sturdy, freestanding metal barricades or visually appealing aisle stanchions.