If you’re planning entertainment for a large event, you’ll need an efficient way to control the flow of foot traffic, limit the potential for spot overcrowding and prevent attendees from entering behind-the-scenes areas. The pieces of equipment most commonly used to achieve these objectives are sturdy, freestanding metal barricades that you can link together to create solid barriers of your desired length. However, as a more visually appealing alternative, you can often use metal aisle stands (also known as aisle stanchions) connected by lengths of decorative rope called stanchion rope.

Pico Party Rental stocks everything you need for effective crowd control at your special event. Our metal barricades are made from heavy-duty 16-gauge tubing for maximum strength and rigidity. And our aisle stands, made from brushed chrome, provide an excellent combination of beauty and functionality. Our high-quality, 8-ft stanchion rope comes in two classic colors: black and red.

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