Special events come in all shapes and sizes, and serve a broad range of purposes. Naturally, this means that the list of event requirements can vary tremendously, and the items and equipment you absolutely must have for one type of function may be completely unnecessary for other functions. When you have family and friends visiting from out of town, you want to make sure you have enough beds for everyone. This is why Pico Party Rents & Sells offers rollaway bed rentals to our customers.

At family-owned and operated Pico Party Rental, we have four generations of experience providing planning services and equipment for every conceivable kind of special event. Whether you’re responsible for a small, casual gathering, or a massive event that requires weeks of advance preparation, our staff of in-house experts has the training and experience you need to bring your plans to life and make a lasting positive impression on your guests. A selection of the types of events we routinely handle includes:

The Benefits of Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds are a great way to maximize the space in your house or your guests’ hotel rooms. With rollaway beds, you don’t have to make your friend or relative sleep uncomfortably on a couch or air mattress. Rollaway beds are an affordable sleeping solution, saving your guests from having to book an extra hotel room they don’t need. Our rollaway beds are large enough for children and adults to sleep on comfortably.

Rollaway beds are useful for you and your guests and have a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy sleeping accommodation for out of town friends and relatives
  • Eliminate the need to make someone sleep on the couch
  • Large beds that both children and adults can fit on
  • Collapsible rollaway beds help save space and prevent clutter.
  • Fit more people in a hotel room, eliminating the need to book extra rooms.

Los Angeles’ Best Rollaway Bed Rental Company

The roots of Pico Party Rental extend all the way back to the 1920s. For the better part of a century, we’ve helped Los Angeles-area residents from all walks of life successfully plan and carry out their personal, family and business-related special events. We have a large inventory of rollaway beds to offer you and your guests. With our exemplary customer service, we’ll make sure you can rest easy and leave the hard work to us. What’s more, our industry connections and longstanding history as event specialists give us the ability to handle even the most unique requests. Call our Culver City headquarters today to learn more and start making your event preparations. Whether your event is a large corporate event or a small intimate gathering, Pico Party Rents is focused on providing you with all your needs, from tent top to tabletop.

We look forward to sharing in the success of your next event.

If you have any questions about our rental services, please email or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Need to Rent a Rollaway Bed?

Pico Party Rents has 500 beds in stock – the largest inventory available in Southern California. We deliver the number of beds you need, when you need them anywhere you are!

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