Dishware is an important visual and practical component of any special event featuring food service. While disposable products often play a role in an informal setting, organizers of more formal events such as weddings porcelain or china. The most popular color option for dishware is white, which blends well with most event themes and design schemes, and usually shows off menu items to their best advantage. However, some event organizers prefer colored or patterned options. In addition, some organizers create another layer of visual interest by mixing and matching different types of plates.

The dishware used at special events also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most event planners prefer a round, square or rectangular rim-shaped plate that keeps juices from spilling onto surrounding surfaces during food cutting.

However, some planners prefer a rimless option known as a coupe-shaped plate. Each course of food service has its customary size and type of place, as well as its customary bowls and saucers.

At Pico Party Rents, we understand the importance of having a broad range of dishware options for your upcoming event. That’s why we provide you with a full selection of stylish china sets that add the perfect touch of elegance for your meal service. Our dishware options cover every meal course, from the first appetizer to the last bite of dessert. In addition, we carry an assortment of charger plates that you can use to further highlight your place settings. We can also accommodate special requests for dishware that suits your event’s unique requirements.

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