Wedding Planners Agree: Who You Shouldn’t Invite to Your Wedding

When planning your upcoming wedding, you face a wide range of tasks and necessities. One of the most challenging of these responsibilities is the need to create your guest list. It can be easy to decide who absolutely must attend. However, you might find it a lot harder to decide who to keep off your [...]

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How Do I Pick the Right Wedding Venue?

You’ve envisioned the perfect day already. Daydreaming, you imagine yourself surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful location as you say your vows to your betrothed. But, as you actually start to plan your wedding, you realize that you don’t know precisely where that beautiful location is. How do you pick the right wedding [...]

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Thinking of Borrowing Party Supplies? It’s Not Worth It

When planning an upcoming party or event, you look for ways to save a little cash. With this thought in mind, you decide to borrow supplies instead of buying them. This may seem like a good idea at first. However, it tends to come with many more drawbacks than benefits. Here are some of the [...]

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8 Party Tips for Summertime Entertaining

Are you hosting an end of summer bash? It’s always fun to organize one last barbeque before the season changes, and everyone gets into a fall routine again. However, at this point in the season, you may have run out of ideas for hosting. What can you do to keep your party exciting and entertaining? [...]

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Summer Parties: Keep the Sun at Bay with a Tent or Canopy

Ah, summer parties: warm weather, bare feet, the smell of barbeque, a relaxed atmosphere, and cold drinks clinking with ice. Summer offers the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family. You don't even need a special occasion, as summer is the occasion all by itself! Host a barbecue, white party, watermelon party or [...]

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5 Elegant Napkin-folding Ideas for Party Table Decor

Looking to add a final touch to your otherwise perfect place setting? Though it may sound complicated, mastering the art of napkin-folding isn’t as time-consuming as it may seem. Both a hobby and an art form, napkin folding elevates your table decor to the next level. When you add a beautifully folded napkin, it’ll be [...]

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Smart Planning Tips for a Pleasant Spring Party

If you look outside, you’ll see the birds are chirping and the sun filtering through your windows. This lovely weather is ideal for spring parties. We are finally coming out of hibernation and ready to enjoy each others company. While planning a party of any kind can be highly involved, we believe planning a spring [...]

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Linen Rentals are Essential for Your Party or Event

Chairs? Check. Tables? Check. Centerpieces? Double check. But what about the linens? When creating an event, we think about the obvious things that make a party happen, but sometimes fail to remember the critical details. However, if you forget the linens, it would make things look unpolished. Linens add class and elegance to an event; [...]

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An Easy Table Setting Guide for Formal Events

Are you planning a formal event? When it comes to serving a formal meal, the table setting style sets the tone. When perfectly arranged, a table setting can encourage guests’ behavior to match the formality of the occasion. In addition, they’ll enjoy an attractively and thoughtfully served meal. As everyone knows, food is a sensual [...]

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6 Essential Tips for Planning a Large Wedding

After much effort, the guest list for the wedding is finally complete. Unfortunately, it’s larger than expected. There are no “perfect” number of guests, it just depends on who you want with you on your special day. If you find yourself with an abundance of friends and family members all clamouring to get to your [...]

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