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Jewish Holiday Parties

Jewish holiday parties are a great way to celebrate your unique traditions. Celebrated with friends and family, these events are moments for remembering your ancestors who celebrated before you. Feel the joy and significance of each Jewish holiday with a holiday party giving you the chance to connect and share with your family and friends. No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, from Hanukkah to Rosh Hashanah or Purim, Pico Party Rentals will help you create a party that truly transmits the reason for the celebration.

Pico Party Rentals is a family-owned business with over 90 years of experience in helping plan custom parties and providing rental equipment. We can help you plan and execute a party the size and style of your choice, helping you incorporate important elements of Jewish holidays as required. Our extensive experience has provided us with the knowledge to provide you with the necessary advice and suggestions that will make your party an extraordinary experience for you and your guests. In addition, we’ll supply you with all of your party supplies and equipment from our extensive inventory of high quality rental items.

Our Jewish Holiday Party Services

At Pico Party Rentals, we’ll work together with you to put together a spectacular Jewish holiday party. Whether you’re planning a formal ceremonial dinner or a more informal celebration, we can help. From elaborate table arrangements and dinnerware to sound equipment and other items, we can provide everything you need. We understand that each holiday and family are unique, and for this reason each party reflects this.

Pico Party Rentals can help you with everything for your Jewish holiday party from planning to supplying rental items and helping with both setup and teardown. First, we discuss your plans, the size of your party and any themes you’re hoping to incorporate. Then, our staff will guide you through the process of choosing the rental items and equipment you’ll use.

Our extensive inventory has every last item you could possibly need for your Jewish holiday party. From banquet tables, linens and dinnerware to chairs, lighting and sound equipment, we can supply it all:

Our inventory includes a wide selection of of items in each of the categories:

Our complete selection of china includes a variety of styles that can cover as many courses as you’ll be serving from appetizers through to dessert. Choose the perfect china that will highlight your special meal. In addition, we have several styles of silverware to choose from. Finally, select your glassware. We have a variety of glasses, appropriate for serving everything from water to cocktails and everything in between.
Tables & Chairs
We offer a variety of table sizes and shapes perfect for your party. Choose from long banquet tables or round tables, small tables and square tables. Let us know what you need and we’ll provide it. Then, choose your seating from our wide selection of chairs including formal wooden dining chairs, folding chairs and more. Complete your table setup with beautiful linens that come in a variety of colors. We can also help by providing centerpieces for your tables featuring flowers or candles.
Lounge Furniture
Want to enjoy a cozy space during your party? Create an intimate space using lounge furniture complete with rugs, pillows and other accessories. Here, you can read, play games, or have a drink depending on your wishes.
Catering Equipment
Food is central to most Jewish holidays. Make the most of it with full kitchen equipment wherever your party will be. We can provide you with everything from stoves and deep fryers to bar equipment and serving platters.
Staging & Flooring
Will you have performances, speeches or other program items at your party? Include a stage. Dancing? We can build you a gorgeous dance floor for your outdoor or indoor party.
Entertainment Equipment
Make your party extra special with exceptional lighting, sound equipment and more.

Why Pico Party Rentals?

Planning a Jewish holiday party is an enjoyable process, but there are also lots of logistics and details involved, especially if you’ll be having a lot of guests. Allow Pico Party Rentals to help you with all of the monotonous details and serve as your partner in planning. Our experienced team will help you consider the details, logistics and equipment you need, providing guidance along the way.

Pico Party Rentals’ staff are dedicated to helping you achieve success with your party. That’s why we take the time to thoughtfully answer every single email and phone call so that you have all of the necessary information when preparing your party.

We add an extra special touch by providing full setup and teardown services. This helps remove the stress from planning a party and allows you to enjoy your special event with your guests.

What You Gain from Planning Your Jewish Holiday Party with Pico Party Rentals

By working with Pico Party Rentals you gain access to a wealth of experience in party planning and rentals, giving you confidence when preparing for the celebration of your sacred holiday. You can count on our staff give you helpful pointers and suggestions to enhance your party and truly create a customized tailored event to meet your needs and wishes.

There are many benefits to be gained from working with us. Here are just a few:

Peace of mind knowing that you’ll have everything you need.

– Assistance in your planning process so that you won’t forget any key details that may make your party even more enjoyable and perfectly convey your theme.
– Teams to help you setup and teardown.
– Beautiful equipment and rental items to create the perfect atmosphere and style, reflecting the tone you’re hoping to set at your party.
– Uniformity in all of the rental items – no mismatched plates or chairs.
– A partner on your side to help with the planning and execution of your event.

Pico Party Rentals has extensive experience in Jewish holiday party planning and rentals. You can’t beat our experience, knowledge, friendly service, quality in equipment or prices! Give our friendly staff a call today to begin planning your Jewish holiday party! We look forward to serving you soon.

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I have been working with Darren Edwards since about 2007, just this year we have used him for three events at the same location. Which by the way is a very laborious job due to the layout of the property. In any event Darren and the Pico Family have always been so AWESOME and VERY RESPONSIVE especially to last minute needs. I would definitely recommend Pico Party Rents for all your needs big and small! Until the next event, well done!

- SSG D.