Imagine your place or a gorgeous party venue decked out in white and black balloons, elegant black and white table settings featuring white peonies in black vases, and serving tables featuring white and black appetizers and desserts. The lighting is low and there are candles on each table. When guests arrive, all of the gentlemen are wearing classic black suits and tuxes, and the ladies are dolled up and looking lovely in black and white evening gowns. There’s little as classic and chic as a monochromatic theme for a party.

Hosting a black & white themed party can be the perfect way to solve the problem of coming up with a theme. This theme is always fun and in style, so you can’t go wrong. But, what is it that makes a black & white themed party beautiful and how can you ensure yours is a hit?

Here are some tips and highlights that make the black & white party one of the best party ideas of all time:

Stylish Guests

When you send out your invitations, make the party theme very clear. Have your invitations printed with white ink on black paper for added effect. This way, your guests will know to dress in their best white and black attire. This element adds something special to the party, as usually you’d find guests dressed in a variety of colors and styles. Your guests will notice the special ambiance created by wearing these two colors. It also adds a bit of fun to your guests’ preparations as they select something that meets the party’s theme.

Timeless Elegance

When you throw a black & white themed party, you go the extra mile to make sure the theme pervades throughout the party. This means that décor, table settings, special adornments and even the food follows the theme. A sense of sophistication and elegance reigns at these black & white events. You may consider adding a splash of silver or gold along with the theme to keep it interesting.


We often face a barrage of color in our day to day lives. You can simplify it all by focusing on this monochrome theme. It will make your party planning easier, and also offer a welcome change for your guests.


Although you are reigned in by two colors, making decisions a bit simpler doesn’t mean that your party needs to be limited. Consider adding a fun black and white photo booth where guests can snap shots and post them to a running slideshow of classic black and white photos. Serve black and white food you wouldn’t normally think of. Go beyond oreos! For example, try a white sauce pizza with black olives. Serve black bean dip with white tortilla chips as a snack or appetizer. Don’t stop there, serve white and black russians as your go-to cocktails. Dessert on this theme is really quite simple. Vanilla ice cream and rich dark brownies are perfect. Alternatively, serve a white and black candy bar with white and black chocolates, licorice, mints and more.

By now you’re probably envisioning how you’d pull off a black & white themed party. Whether you have a specific reason to celebrate, or just want to have fun with your friends, this is the perfect theme to try.

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