Silverware rentals are the third main dinnerware element for your wedding, anniversary party, fundraiser or other special event. Depending on the nature of your event, you may find that selections in this category provide the greatest number of potential options, as well as the biggest risks for confusion and poor decision-making. That’s because each of the three main silverware types – knives, forks and spoons – comes in a broad range of forms knives and fish knives. Forks come in an even larger number of variations, including cocktail forks, salad forks, dinner forks, fish forks and dessert forks. Types of spoons that may fit your needs include a teaspoon, demitasse spoons, tablespoon, dessert spoons, soup spoons and a subtype of soup spoon called a bouillon spoon.

Each variety of knife, fork and spoon is produced in a number of materials, as well as a vast range of contemporary and classic styles. You can rent silverware made from stainless steel, polished stainless steel, silver, silver plate and gold plate. There are literally thousands of available silverware styles designed for use in formal, semi-formal or informal settings.

At Pico Party Rents, we offer several distinctive styles of silverware for dining service at your upcoming event. Each elegant set features the proper choices for every course of your meal, and fully supports the look and feel of your overall presentation. In addition, we can accommodate special requests if your requirements call for silverware options not in our standard inventory.

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