When making plans for your upcoming party or other special occasion, you absolutely must have access to rental options that fit your event type, design scheme and budget. You also must have access to planning professionals who can help you select what you need without any oversights or omissions. No matter the nature of your special event, the time-honored experts at Pico Party Rentals will help you find everything you need the first time around. With our massive rental inventory, fair prices and 90-plus years of experience, we truly serve as the affordable, one-stop resource for all of greater Los Angeles.

Dinnerware Rentals

Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary party, fundraiser or some other special occasion, the right dinnerware helps set the tone for your event. At Pico Party Rentals, we meet your needs with a full range of items that you can use for every course from appetizers to dessert. Your available options include:

  •         Dishware – Choose from our outstanding selection of high-quality china. We feature complete sets, so you never have to worry about creating a full service. Our dishware inventory also includes a variety of charger plates that allow you to create the ultimate in distinguished place settings.
  •         Glassware – We feature glassware for every occasion, from the most formal to the most casual. From water glasses, pitchers and wine glasses to dessert glasses and cocktail glasses, we’ve got you covered.
  •         Silverware – This essential category includes forks, knives and spoons. Whether your meals are single-course or multi-course, you’ll find a wide selection of appropriate options made from durable, quality materials.

Tables & Chairs Rentals

Tables are must-haves for all kinds of special events. Our extensive inventory includes six sizes of rectangular banquet tables and eight sizes of round tables. It also includes a wide variety of folding tables, wood folding tables and folding tables sized especially for children. We round off our available selection with high-quality, wood picnic benches and freestanding benches.

Of course, chairs are the natural accompaniment to your choice of tables. At Pico, we feature three separate lines of distinguished Chiavari dining chairs. Your options also include an assortment of bent wood chairs, wood folding chairs and Samsonite folding chairs. For child-centric events, we offer a variety of mesh chairs, plastic chairs, wood folding chairs and booster seats.

For certain types of events, your table and chair selections aren’t complete without appropriate linens. We help you meet your needs with both solid and patterned options from industry leader Nova. Our vast range of color choices makes it easy to coordinate with any event theme or design scheme.

Lounge Furniture Rentals

Lounge furniture is a popular choice for parties and a number of other casual events. You can also use items in this category to set up a bar area or casual hangout spot at any type of event, no matter how formal. Our vast selection of lounge-ready options includes:

  •         Sofas and couches in styles ranging from Victorian to contemporary
  •         Lounge chairs in a similar variety of styles
  •         Benches (curved and straight)
  •         Low and high cocktail tables
  •         Side tables
  •         Ottomans, and
  •         Victorian coffee tables

We also stock LED-illuminated glow furniture. Choose from single-color and color-adjustable chairs, tables and glow cubes.

If you like, you can also select coordinated collections of lounge furniture that provide you with a no-hassle way to establish your desired event theme. Your choices include:

  •         The Miami Joe Collection
  •         The Deco Collection
  •         The Royal Collection, and
  •         The Victorian Collection

Catering Equipment Rentals

If you’re responsible for the catering functions at your upcoming event, your needs may include food preparation items such as refrigerators, freezers, grills, ovens and deep fryers, as well as food racks and other storage devices. In addition, you may need to provide essential food and beverage service items, including platters and trays, beverage dispensers, serving bowls, chafing dishes, food lamps, lazy susans and even salt and pepper shakers. Pico Party Rentals carries a complete selection of food prep appliances and storage units. We also carry all important food and beverage service supplies. In addition, our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of bars and bar stools.

Staging & Flooring Rentals

Staging equipment is often required for events such as conferences, fundraisers and musical and theatrical performances. We help you create the perfect setup with a variety of staging sections available in the full range of standard height and size formats. Our inventory also includes two crucial staging accessories: platform skirting and portable platform steps.

Temporary flooring is another widely used option at both indoor and outdoor functions. Whether you need to create an area for lounging, entertaining or dining, we support your plans with high-quality subfloors, dance floors, carpets and Astroturf. In addition, we stock a variety of above-ground and flush-mounted covers that allow you to convert any pool into usable event space. And if your plans include a temporary ice rink, you’ll find everything you need in our selection of portable bases, platforms and sides.

Entertainment Rentals

When planning an entertainment-focused event, your list of essential items may contain a variety of stage-focused items. Common choices include spotlights and strip lights, gobo lights, light controllers and the aluminum box trusses required to build adequate light rigging. You may also need to rent appropriate sound equipment, including such things as speakers, microphones and CD players. At Pico, we support your event with a full inventory of all go-to items. Choose from an assortment of lighting and lighting control options, aluminum trusses, lecterns and complete sound systems.  

We also help you cover three other vital areas of entertainment-centered event planning: crowd control, restroom facilities and temperature control. Our crowd control options include metal barricades, white picket fences, chrome and plastic aisle stands, and aisle stand stanchion rope. Our full range of clean, comfortable and portable restroom options includes everything from basic two-station units to deluxe models suitable for any formal or upscale event. Our inventory of temperature control rentals includes patio heaters, tent heaters and pedestal fans.

Your Rental Headquarters

Since 1925, Pico Party Rentals has helped residents and businesses from the San Fernando Valley to San Clemente make their special events genuinely special. With the region’s largest rental inventory and most knowledgeable planning professionals, we make it simple to keep your event plans on track with a minimum of fuss and stress. And don’t forget, if your wish list includes an item not currently found in our huge inventory, we’ll be happy to track it down for you through our extensive network of suppliers. Call today to make your affordable rental arrangements.