Throwing a great party can feel overwhelming. But, it’s not impossible. If you’re not sure where to start, use these essential tips that work time and time again to throw a perfect party:

1. Greet and Welcome

Set the tone for all of your guests by personally welcoming them to your party as they arrive. If you have someone else on door duty, make sure you do get around to personally greet your guests as soon as possible once they’ve arrived. In addition, offer a drink and snacks to get them feeling comfortable at the party. Introducing newly arrived guests to others can further help them begin to mingle and enjoy the party. Creating this positive, friendly tone will help your guests break the ice and get to know each other, making your party a success.

2. Plan the Details

Make sure you think through everything your party entails. If you’re renting a space, check on any restrictions on noise or music in the area. Also plan the time that you’re planning to hold the party taking into account the implications this may have on mealtimes. For example, a party that begins at 4 may easily run into dinnertime. If you prefer not to run into a mealtime, plan for a mid-afternoon party starting at around 2pm. If you want a dinner party, consider having it begin at 5pm so that it’s clear to your guests that dinner will be served.

3. Have a Backup

Any well made plans can run awry under certain conditions. For example, rain or cold weather can spoil an outdoor barbecue. Have a backup plan in place so that your guests don’t experience discomfort.

4. Focus on Entertainment

What people will remember most about your party is the experience. So, whether you’re hosting an intimate party where you can make use of fun games and ice-breaking conversation cards around the dinner table or a large party featuring a great DJ for dancing, go all out on your entertainment.

5. Create Your Ambiance

If you’re hosting an evening dinner party, consider using candlelight and soft lamps to create an intimate environment. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a larger event featuring dancing, a disco ball and strobe lights can completely change the mood. Think about the mood you’re hoping to create and make it happen. Christmas lights, hanging decorations, the venue and more can help you create the look you’re going for. There are some party rental companies that even rent lounge furniture and similar items, helping you create a custom look that meets your precise needs.

6. Keep Food Simple

It’s easy to get too complicated with food. Try to keep it simple and tasty. This will make it easier for serving and preparations. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood that you will please all of your guests and their tastes.

7. Get Help

If you can afford having wait staff or catering, go for it! If not, consider some strategic guest invitations to those who you know will be willing to lend you a hand. As the host of the party, you won’t be able to personally serve and attend to all of your guests at once. Put someone in charge of drinks or refilling the chip bowl so you can handle it all gracefully.

8. Plan your Guest List

When planning your guest list, consider the occasion, how much space you have and who will get along well together. If you think your party will get loud, consider inviting your neighbors to avoid any annoyances or hard feelings.

9. Do the Heavy Work Ahead of Time

If you’re hosting at home, try to do as much preparation as possible ahead of time. This means cleaning up around the house so that on the day of the party all you have to do is a quick pick-up. With food, use the same strategy. If it’s a dinner party, consider serving a baked dish that’s all in one, such as a roast. That way, all you have to do when your guests arrive is pull it out of the oven.

10. Have Fun

After all of your hard work, remember to enjoy yourself! Try to relax and have fun with your guests. A happy host has happy guests.

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