When planning an upcoming party or event, you look for ways to save a little cash. With this thought in mind, you decide to borrow supplies instead of buying them. This may seem like a good idea at first. However, it tends to come with many more drawbacks than benefits. Here are some of the major reasons why you just might want to go with the rental option after all.

Lack of Choice

When you pick your supplies from a full-service rental house, you have a vast selection of items at your fingertips. No matter the event theme or your personal preferences, you’ll likely find just what you need. That tends not to happen if you choose to borrow your supplies instead. In some situations, you may get lucky and cover all your needs. However, chances are much higher that you’ll have to make do with whatever you can get your hands on. Ultimately, this can mean compromising your plans and diminishing the impact of your event.

Condition Issues

Reputable rental companies go to great lengths to provide their customers with top-quality items in excellent condition. When you work with them, you’re pretty much guaranteed to receive party supplies that meet your high standards. On the contrary, if you borrow your supplies, you’ll have to accept items of varying condition. That’s true even if those items come dirty, broken or otherwise in poor shape.

There’s another condition-related advantage to choosing the rental option. If the company you select does supply you with a low-quality item, you can get them to replace it. On the other hand, if you borrowed that item, rejection of it can lead to some very tricky conversations. Not to mention hurt feelings.


Under optimal circumstances, you’ll get through your party or event without breaking anything. But, life being life, you have to consider broken items as a real possibility. If you break something supplied by a rental company, you may find yourself faced with a replacement fee. But what happens if you damage something provided by a friend or relative? Even worse, what if that item was one-of-a-kind or had unique sentimental value? Frankly, no one wants to find themselves in that kind of sticky situation.

Difficulty Gathering Your Required Supplies

When borrowing supplies for your coming event, you may need to rely on multiple sources. A friend 20 miles away in one direction may have a specific item available. At the same time, another friend 30 miles in the opposite direction may have something else for you. Given the difficulty of traveling back and forth, you can easily find yourself pressed for time.

In addition to carrying a vast inventory, rental supply companies provide the convenience of a single location. Instead of trekking all over for your supplies, you can gather them in just one trip. The time and headache you save can be well worth the price of a rental.

There’s another common inconvenience associated with gathering borrowed party supplies: scheduling. You may face this problem even if you only have to make a couple of stops to collect your items. What if your friend or relative can only meet you at a specific time? And what if that time conflicts with other important things you need to accomplish?

When you rent instead of borrowing, scheduling of your pick-up is greatly simplified. As a rule, rental companies have generous daytime hours. And the best companies go the extra mile by providing flexible scheduling for supply pick-up and return. This means that you can take care of everything at your convenience, not at the convenience of others.

Reduced Stress

Given all the challenges in the way, you may find yourself super stressed when borrowing party supplies. Add that burden to the other stressful aspects of party planning, and you have a recipe for an unpleasant experience. Why take all that on when you can work with a professional service? With your supply needs taken care of, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your event.

Now you know why so many party hosts make their arrangements through a party rental company. If you choose to rent, you may have to put aside a larger event budget. But as you can see, the rental process makes up for this. Need help planning your upcoming event? Your local professionals can also help you work out the details of even the fanciest gathering.