Are you hosting an end of summer bash? It’s always fun to organize one last barbeque before the season changes, and everyone gets into a fall routine again. However, at this point in the season, you may have run out of ideas for hosting. What can you do to keep your party exciting and entertaining?

Pico Party Rentals has you covered with some excellent advice for summertime entertaining. With these tips, your late-summer event will sure to be a hit! Here are some ideas:

Go For a Theme

Choose a fun summer theme such as watermelon, the beach, the ocean, or you could even host a white party. A theme can make a party exciting and fun. You can plan games, activities, and food around an idea, not to mention the decor which will get your guest’s attention.

If you prefer to avoid an official theme, you can just pick a few colors to give your party uniformity. Flowers are another great way to go. Opt for bright bouquets of sunflowers, gerberas, dahlias or chrysanthemums that will add great color to your party’s decor.

Spread Out the Snacks

Instead of serving snacks on one main table, offer appetizers and snacks on several tables around which your guests can gather. People naturally gather around food, so you’ll have an easier time encouraging your guests to mingle and visit with several tables of snacks.

Serve Plenty of Drinks

Summertime means warm temperatures. Make sure your guests stay hydrated by offering plenty of beverages. In addition to juices, punch, soda or alcohol, consider serving water. You can dress up your water pitchers with slices of cucumber, lemon or other fruits to make it a bit more exciting.

Easy Menu

When entertaining, it can be challenging to manage your many responsibilities. Not only must you host the party by restocking snacks and drinks and serving a meal; you’re also expected to spend time with your guests. Luckily, during the summer months, you can get away with cold dishes you prepare ahead of time like salads, deviled eggs, meat and cheese trays, vegetable or fruit trays and more. Then, you can add a few grilled items such as hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken that you can quickly tend to while also visiting with your guests outside. With an easy menu composed of these items, your guests will leave full, and you’ll avoid the stress of trying to get everything out of the oven on time.

Use Creative Lighting

Summer evenings are the perfect time for a gathering. However, as dusk begins to fall, you’ll need some illumination. Instead of turning on a giant outdoor bulb, opt for tiki torches, white Christmas lights, lanterns or even a campfire! These lighting options will create a magical, enchanting environment your guests will love.


With many guests, you can count on great conversations to keep everyone entertained. However, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. This is especially true if children will be attending.

During the summer, take advantage of the great weather outdoors by setting up lawn games. Some good options include croquet, bocce, badminton, or volleyball. However, you can also set out board games, coloring books or even a jar full of conversation starters for your guests to enjoy.

Don’t forget to set up your sound system and put on some background music to give your summertime bash great ambiance.

Plan for Bugs

Unfortunately, for an outdoor summer party, it’s likely you’ll also have to plan for bugs. Mosquitoes, flies and other winged creatures will probably show up whether invited or not. So, keep this in mind as you plan. There are many ways you can keep bugs away from your gathering. You can place citronella candles and other products that scare away insects around the perimeter of your party. Alternatively, provide your guests with bug spray. Even more, if the situation is extreme, you could also consider setting up a screened-in tent as a refuge from these pesky creatures. Having a plan ahead of time will help ensure that your guests don’t leave itchy and swollen.

Get Help

Summertime entertaining doesn’t have to be your sole responsibility! The joy of a summer party is to gather together. So, don’t give up on your plans because you don’t feel up for pulling together something fancy. Ask a close friend to help you through a party or opt for a potluck rather than a traditional meal if providing everything is too stressful.

There are plenty of other ways you can get help with your party plans as well. For example, if you’re worried about having enough tent space, tables, chairs, dishes or other items, you can always contact Pico Party Rentals. We’ll be happy to help!

Are you ready to plan your end of summer party? Now that you know what you need for a successful gathering, it’s time to check your calendar and send out invitations to your friends, neighbors, and family. With a good plan and a bit of time, you’ll find yourself genuinely enjoying your last summer blast!