If you’re planning for an upcoming party or event, you may feel the urge to go all-out and purchase the many items on your to-do list. However, from both an economic and environmental point of view, this approach frequently results in an avoidable loss of precious resources. Instead of plowing your hard-earned cash into items or equipment you’ll end up owning long-term, you can turn instead to a party and event rental specialist capable of supplying all your needs. Here are some specific reasons to choose this option.

1) Renting Stops You from Buying Things You’ll Only Use Once – This is perhaps the number one reason to choose renting over buying for your planned event or party. In many cases, you’ll simply have no ongoing use for the items or equipment you require. This means that, if you go the purchasing route, you’ll basically end up wasting the resources required to manufacture those supplies. However, when you go with a full-service rental company, everything you use will later become available for other people’s parties and events. This efficient system of distribution helps reduce your costs while also ensuring the best use of limited resources.

2) Going Green Can Actually Increase the Quality of Items Available to You – Reputable party/event rental companies typically have access to high-quality items and equipment. In fact, if you tried to equal the quality of what you can receive from a rental company, you’d almost certainly have to shoot for the upper end of your available budget. (This is especially true if you plan to include such things as vintage furniture or specialty glasses.) Since the cost of renting these items is much lower, you’ll end up spending much more money than necessary. And if you have to meet strict budgeting guidelines, you may find yourself limited to purchasing options that fail to meet your minimum acceptable standards.

3) Transportation, Setup and Cleanup Are Included If you purchase items and equipment for your upcoming party or event, you’ll have to figure out a way to transport everything to your chosen location on the appointed date. In addition, you’ll have to find some way to set everything up to your satisfaction. You’ll also need to factor in cleanup and item/equipment removal. In the vast majority of cases, these requirements add up to wasted resources in the form of increased fuel costs and extra man-hours. In stark contrast, if you rent your needed supplies from a well-established provider, transportation, setup, cleanup and removal will be included in your contract from the very beginning. This means that you can greatly increase your personal convenience while also helping to reduce resource expenditures.

4) No Need for Long-Term Storage – Unless you have plenty of room already waiting at your home or another location, you’re going to have to find some way to store any supplies you purchase for your next event or party. Essentially, this is another drain on available resources in the form of money, transportation and space utilization. On the other hand, when you rent, everything included in your package goes back to the company when your party/event comes to an end. In this scenario, there’s no need for you to take the time and effort required to make long-term storage a reality.

5) Use of a Rental Company Can Give You Access to Other Required Services – Well-established party/event rental companies commonly have ongoing ties with other important service providers. The list of these providers includes everyone from caterers to professional emcees and DJs. If your plans include such third-party specialists, use of a rental company can greatly simplify the process of finding what you need. Again, this translates into the reduced use of precious resources (this time in the form of time and fuel) and increased chances of putting on a party or event that meets your high personal standards and impresses your guests.