You’ve envisioned the perfect day already. Daydreaming, you imagine yourself surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful location as you say your vows to your betrothed.

But, as you actually start to plan your wedding, you realize that you don’t know precisely where that beautiful location is. How do you pick the right wedding venue?

A venue plays a vital role in bringing your dream wedding into reality. So, how can you make sure you pick the right place?

There are some considerations you should take into account. These same considerations will also help you narrow down your list of wedding venue possibilities so that you can make a decision!

Here’s what you should take into account:


Where do your daydreams about your wedding take place? Are you outdoors? In a hall? In a church? Are there separate spaces for the wedding and reception? The answers to all of these questions will point you in the right direction to start your search. Once you have your answer in mind, you can narrow down your options based on the other considerations listed below.

Here are some ideas of where to look based on some of the most popular wedding venues:

Outdoor Wedding: Local parks, farms, event barns, hotel patios or courtyards, church courtyards, the beach, winery/vineyard, country club

Indoor Wedding: hotel, art gallery, large private home, church, conservatory, event barn, winery, country club, banquet hall, ballroom, restaurant, museum, historic home

Did any of those spark your interest? With some inspiration and a good sense of what you’d like regarding the feel of your venue, you can move on to consider other aspects of the place.

Your Budget

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and your top venue pick easily fits in your budget. But, the unfortunate reality is that you may not be able to opt for your top pick due to the cost.

Working within your wedding budget is wise. As you ask around for estimates and quotes, sort the venues based on whether they fit in your budget or not. You might even add an “it’s a stretch” category that you still may consider depending on how you navigate other wedding expenses. Remember, some venues may require that you do your catering with them, which may make the site more costly or more affordable.

Guest Count

You’ll need to make sure that there’s enough space at your chosen venue to accommodate all of your guests. Most places have rules about maximum capacity due to fire codes and other protocol, so make sure you ask when you’re calling around and making your visits.


The weather will play a role in your choice, especially during colder parts of the year. This is true because it’s not uncommon for couples to visit venues in a season that isn’t the same as when their wedding will be. If you’re visiting an event barn in July for your December wedding, don’t forget to ask about heating!

You may also want to consider how you’ll handle a rainstorm if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. For example, you can rent tents with side flaps that can be used to protect your guests. Make sure you ask if tents are allowed on site.


Will there be dancing? Who’s your caterer and what equipment will they require? Do you need power for a DJ or band? Visit venues with all of these aspects of your party in mind so that you can ask about the options available.

You can also work with a party planner who will be able to provide you with everything from a stage to a dance floor to a comfortable lounge area. So, don’t feel limited by the installations available at the venue of your choice. However, you will need to make sure that the venue managers are happy with you bringing in equipment from outside.

Talk to A Professional

Still not sure about which wedding venue is best for your needs? Event planners have extensive experience helping people find the perfect event space for their plans. Discuss your needs and preferences with an event planner so that they can help you find the best spot in your area. You may be surprised at the options available! Also, you may find that the price is quite reasonable, as many planners are able to work out special pricing with event venues.