Flooring and staging are the foundation of any event or party, yet it is often the most overlooked. Many clients focus so much on the menu, theme, and event program that they fail to grasp how important it is to have a foolproof floor plan. Your guests’ safety depends on a well-planned and accurately installed floor and stage system. Aesthetics are also important, which can either make or break the atmosphere of your party.

Flooring and staging must complement the style and theme of an event, but aside from looking elegant and inviting, it is equally important to keep it stable.

Outdoor space can be a challenge

An outdoor venue presents additional challenges and impediments that must be considered in the planning process. Most require custom-built floors to get over an obstruction, such as sloping ground, grass, trees, or staircases. You must also take into consideration the need to assign a space for the staff, technicians, and caterers. Some areas require permits before you can setup flooring, tents, and canopies.

Layout and floor plan affect different aspects of your party

The venue is often the first thing clients and planners consider during event planning. It is important to have a rough idea of the activities that will be part of the program, the amenities, and the special needs of the attendees to know if the type of flooring intended for the event will work on the venue. Have an illustrated floor plan of each venue, assess each one and take note of the important aspects of the event, such as the location for AV equipment, entrances and exits, number of performers and presenters, etc. The layout and floor plan will affect important aspects of your event, including:

Flow of traffic- Different events will have a different flow of traffic. Which areas in the event are expected to have high traffic? Is it the registration area or the lobby? How about the dance floor? Note that the setup of your tables and decor will also affect the flow of traffic.

Program activities- If you will have keynote speakers or presenters at your event, you’ll need a spot for a stage. This will take up space on your floor plan, including staging plots, backstage access, and technical requirements.

Consider the right type of flooring for your event and venue

An event and party service rental can help you decide what type of floor will satisfy your needs. Choose a party rental service that offers a wide array of floor types to choose from.

Examples of commonly used flooring and staging systems:

Biljax decks

Biljax decks are considered an industry standard in assembling floors and stages. These decks are very tough — each deck can hold up to 2000 lbs of weight. They are great for building stable ramps, decks, and railings.

Ring flooring

Ring flooring boasts versatility and high weight capabilities. Ring flooring can also be customized in almost any way possible. The subfloor is made of metal and the top is made of wood. Any type of floor covering works with ring floors, and it’s easy to create steps and platforms with this type of floor system.

Sur-Loc flooring

Sur-Loc flooring is lightweight, economical, and easy to install and uninstall. It comes in 4’x4’ decks and compliments carpet and turf coverings. It is recommended for events that require stable, sturdy, and thick flooring. Outdoor events where the ground is too soft and moist will also benefit from this floor system. One of the few drawbacks of this type of sturdy flooring is that it cannot be used to build flooring over terrain and other high areas.


Astroturf coverings are a type of artificial grass surface, often used to cover bare ground or grass. Astroturf is great for any outdoor event; it can withstand the demands of athletic field games and will keep your guests dry, rather than normal grass or soil under certain weather conditions. Astroturf also works indoors if you don’t like hard flooring, and you need extra protection from potential slips.

Dance floors

This flooring system can provide an important focal point at your event. It comes in a variety of sizes, finishes, and configurations. White & black checkered floor is one of the most commonly used dance floors for parties, weddings, and corporate events.

Safety is the most important factor in any event

An event that is hosted on stage commands various arrangements and adjustments to ensure successful execution while keeping the crowd’s safety in check. One of the more nuanced challenges is having a limited space to work on. Your stage layout must make the most of the available space, but protecting presenters, performers, and attendees from accidents (injuries from falling heavy objects, fire hazard from lighting fixtures, trampling, etc.) should be your primary goal.