Ah, summer parties: warm weather, bare feet, the smell of barbeque, a relaxed atmosphere, and cold drinks clinking with ice. Summer offers the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family. You don’t even need a special occasion, as summer is the occasion all by itself!

Host a barbecue, white party, watermelon party or an end of summer bash, just for the sake of the fun! Of course, one of the main features of any summer party is that you throw it outdoors. Any grassy area or poolside oasis offers the perfect party location.

There’s only one problem: the sun!  The long summer days mean that even an evening party can turn into a sunny affair. Sweating profusely, squinting into the sun or getting a sunburn isn’t part of anyone’s party plans. So unless you have a strategy for keeping the sun at bay, your fun summer party could quickly turn into a flop.

Don’t worry! There are solutions to this summer problem. Here at Pico Party Rentals, we’re experts at throwing parties, and we’ve found the perfect answers to dealing with the sun at your summer outdoor events. Here are our top recommendations for creating a summer party that’s cool and offers relief from the sun:

Rent a Tent or Canopy (or two!)

Don’t cramp your guests onto a small porch or have them huddle under small shade umbrellas on your deck. Instead, rent a large tent or canopy that will provide ample space to relax in the shade. There are many benefits to going this route:

– You can set up tables and chairs underneath the tent or canopy for a comfortable, sun-free space that still allows you to enjoy the outdoors. This setup works for both formal and informal events.

– A tent or canopy offers a large area of shade that can accommodate many guests.

– Tents and canopies can quickly transform into gorgeous evening venues with some white Christmas lights.

– When the sun is at a slant, you can opt to use a tent flap to block the sun on one side of the tent.

– The tent or canopy also protects if it should happen to rain.

– Your guests will be comfortable outside, and you can make sure your party stays outdoors.

– A tent or canopy lends itself to just about any theme. The decorating options are endless!

Alternative Uses of Tents and Canopies

In addition to a setup of tables and chairs for your party, you can use your tent or canopy in a unique way that will enhance your summer fun. But how?

– Set up a separate, small tent for children. Instead of tables and chairs, put out picnic blankets! Add pillows so that the kids can enjoy lounging in their own, shady space.

– Make a dance tent! Keep one tent for the food and rent a separate one for dancing once the sun goes down. Set up lights, music, and a dance floor so that you can enjoy a fantastic evening of moving and grooving.

– Create a game tent. Set out fun games and activities such as bubbles, twister and board games under one of the tents. Use a combination of tables and chairs and blankets so that your guests form small groups while playing. You’ll hear laughter coming from this tent all throughout your party.

Drink Stations and More

You’ll need plenty of coolers and drink stations to keep your guests hydrated at any summer party. Create drink stations in all corners of your party tents, so everyone has easy access. All you need is a cooler or bucket of ice. In each one, place drinks and water that your guests can get whenever they’re thirsty.

Take your drink station to the next level by adding a few spray bottles with water. This offers your guests the chance to spritz themselves cool if they get too hot. You can also hang a small bag with sunscreen on one of the tent poles so that your guests can stay safe when they step out from under the tent.

No matter what you’re celebrating this summer, you can make sure your party is a success by offering your guests a cool, shady place to be. Lush grass, a pleasant breeze, and a shady spot are all it takes to make the perfect summer party venue. It’s as easy as putting up a tent!

Are you ready to rent your tent and party supplies for your upcoming summer party? Contact Pico Party Rentals to discuss your plans! We’ll be happy to help you organize what you need for your event.