Looking to add a final touch to your otherwise perfect place setting? Though it may sound complicated, mastering the art of napkin-folding isn’t as time-consuming as it may seem. Both a hobby and an art form, napkin folding elevates your table decor to the next level. When you add a beautifully folded napkin, it’ll be a great conversation starter and give your party an extra detail for great fun.

Ready to test your napkin folding skills? Here are five elegant napkin-folding techniques that’ll bring your party up a notch:

1. Rosebud Napkin Fold

Achievable on the first try, rosebud folded napkins are an excellent addition to your spring or summer themed party. When rolled up correctly, they perfectly resemble real budding rose petals and compliment a wide variety of place settings. If you need extra oomph, consider tying the rose folded napkins with a beautiful ribbon or a string of pearls.

2. Fan Leaf Napkin Fold

When it comes to decorating a party, is there anything more versatile than a nature-theme? For instance, folding a napkin into a leaf is excellent for fall-themed festivities like Thanksgiving, but can also be a perfect addition to a tropical summer party as well. The leaf design is simple too. All you need is to fold a napkin accordion style and cinch it at the end! Looking for crisper folds to add an extra pop? Break out the iron and press down along the creases once you’ve completed the folds.

3. Modernist Napkin Fold

Instead of a prominent theme, perhaps you’re going for a streamlined and modern look for your party. This modernist approach will add just the right amount of visual interest without overdoing it. Since this is a simple folding design, this could be a fantastic opportunity to experiment with fabric and add a pop of color or a subtle print.

4. Lotus Napkin Fold

A classic for a reason, the lotus napkin fold is an absolute show stopper and is almost too pretty to unfold! Also known as the “artichoke” or “water lily,” this folded napkin may look complicated but is quite straightforward. Best represented in a pale pink or cream linen; many have paired the lotus napkin with Asian cuisine or a complementing floral arrangement.

5. Crown Napkin Fold

Often used during the holidays, this crown fold is a favorite when desiring colorful holiday accessories like holly or pine needles. Instead of limiting it to winter, however, add additional cheer to your tablescape year around! Place little daisies in the folds, or even something edible like an after dinner mint!

Napkin folding has been around for centuries. People intuitively know something is of good quality if there’s a delicately folded napkin in front of them. With an eye for detail, your party will be taken up several notches to the level of sophistication and elegance that you desire. A little effort goes a long way, and your guests will surely appreciate the miniature masterpieces you’ve created.