Summer is the perfect time to host a party. The weather is warm, kids are out of school and fun is in the air. The park or backyard is the perfect place to be to enjoy the great weather. But, what should you use as a theme? How can you plan a fun, summery party that really stands out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 5 great summer party ideas perfect for the great outdoors:

1. Lemonade Stand

What’s more summery than a lemonade stand? Set up a traditional lemonade stand and use this as your theme. Invite guests to enjoy this refreshing drink while appreciating your lovely stand and the theme. How can you take the theme to the next level? Use lemons as place setting cards – just write each guests name using a sharpie. Put lemons in attractive baskets on your table as centerpieces. You can even enjoy lemon-themed party games if there are children attending. Have them race while holding a lemon on a spoon in their mouth. No dropping the lemon!

2. Lobster or Crab Party

Seafood is the perfect summer party food. Make a theme out of it by covering your tables in newspaper or butcher’s paper. Feature either lobster or crab and let it steal the show! Provide your guests with plenty of napkins and a fun bib each. Serve sweet corn alongside the seafood for an extra treat. After the meal, be sure to serve warm clothes with lemon for our guests to wash up well.

3. Watermelon

Watermelon is another classic summer food. Go all out and use it as a theme. Go on the classic deep pink and green colors to make watermelon the focus of your party. You can also carve out watermelons and use them as vases for flowers, making for a lovely centerpiece. Offer watermelon cocktails in mason jars, serving a slice of the fruit itself as a garnish. There are also plenty of fun watermelon games to be played such as a watermelon rolling relay race, a no-hands watermelon eating contest, and more!

4. Ocean Theme

A more grown-up version of “under the sea” makes for a perfect party theme. Use seashells, plenty of fish art and lots of blue for an ocean theme. If you’re feeling informal, you can serve snacks in beach buckets, complete with a shovel for extra fun. Put swedish fish in light blue cocktails for some creative fun, and enjoy!

5. Picnic

Rather than dragging out enough tables and chairs for your guests, go casual with a picnic style summer party. Lay out plenty of blankets and pillows to recline on for the party. Put up some white christmas lights for a touch of magic. You can serve make-your-own sandwiches, finger foods and plenty of fruit. This works perfectly for picnic foods. Add some small, low tables for people to put drinks on. Put on low-key music and enjoy the relaxed vibe. If you’re looking for entertainment, get out playing cards or games like dominoes and scrabble.

The best part? You can naturally fit in birthdays and other celebrations into these easy-going party themes. Whether you have a special reason to celebrate or not, it’s time to get everyone together for a good summer bash!

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