If you look outside, you’ll see the birds are chirping and the sun filtering through your windows. This lovely weather is ideal for spring parties. We are finally coming out of hibernation and ready to enjoy each others company. While planning a party of any kind can be highly involved, we believe planning a spring party should be simple and effortless. Unlike the winter blues where all events have to be indoors, use the spring flowers and sun to make your party shine.

Before getting overwhelmed with the details of planning an event, here are some smart tips for planning a delightful spring party:

Keep Decorations Light

Spring is all about bright colors and lighthearted fun, so don’t get bogged down with tiny details. When decorating, use real flowers for centerpieces in simple glass vases while hanging minimal decorations. If the weather calls for it, open up your doors and windows, and let the natural light fill the room. If you have outdoor space, bring the party outside!

Between mason jars filled with silverware, colorful pastel streamers, and lightly patterned tablecloths – this party will be both casual and festive.

Spring-Themed Drinks

To keep the spring theme going, concoct light and fruity cocktails for your guests. If you name them with something specific in mind (an inside joke? A quote from a famous movie?), it could be an excellent and funny conversation starter.

There are endless drink recipe options available online, but a Watermelon Sparkler might quench the thirst of everyone on a warm spring day. Switch the alcohol for sparkling water, and you can make this beverage for non-drinkers and kids as well!

Crisp and Bountiful Appetizers

Springtime brings a bounty of beautiful fruits and veggies. Why not incorporate them into the appetizers? Whip up a quick veggie tray of colorful delights with hummus, or a pasta salad with a cornucopia of springtime mixes. If you provide a variety of options (cucumber sandwiches, Mediterranean salads, the list is endless), your guests can sample many different flavors while chatting with each other casually.

Having a few different options helps feed your guests without making it a formal lunch or dinner event. Between the brightly colored broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and sprinkled parmesan cheese, you have the start to a healthy and inviting event.

Colorful Party Favors

We’re never too old to get party favors! Before your guests leave, offer an adult version of a party favor and inspire your guests to cook with mini bottles of artisan olive oil or cooking spices as a parting gift. You could even provide fun recipes they can use the items within the gift bag!

You can purchase adult party favors pre-made, or if you want to save money, create your own favors easily by buying in bulk and visiting your local art store for labels and packaging.

Springtime is here, and your friends are ready to party. Enjoy a sun-filled day with each other among all of your plentiful food, colorful decorations, and beautiful finishing touches. Happy Spring!