Chairs? Check. Tables? Check. Centerpieces? Double check. But what about the linens? When creating an event, we think about the obvious things that make a party happen, but sometimes fail to remember the critical details. However, if you forget the linens, it would make things look unpolished. Linens add class and elegance to an event; they are indeed the finishing touch to your otherwise bare tables.

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, there is no use wasting money on purchasing one-time-use linens. That is an easily avoidable expense when there are many linen rental options available with a large variety of colors and styles.

Before jumping the gun and renting linen for your tables, here are some things to prepare ahead of time:

Know How Many Tables You Have

Certainly letting the rental company know how many tables are at your event will get an accurate count for ordering linens. More than that though, it could be an excellent opportunity to mix and match linens to add a different style element or flair to your event. If you want multiple colors represented for a themed event, having an accurate number of tables would be necessary for an even variety of colors and styles.

The Sizes Make All The Difference

You may have a few different sized tables (tall? Long? Round or square?), and they all need covering! If you are using your tables instead of rentals, it’s best to measure them ahead of time before discussing linen options with the rental place.

The Length of the Linen

Another thing to think about is what length of linen you would like. Some people prefer shorter linen on a table, which is about halfway down to the floor, while others enjoy the longer length cloth that hits the floor. They each give off a unique look, so it’s a matter of personal preference. In general, outdoor parties tend to make better use of the shorter linen (so shoes don’t snag on the fabric), and taller tables look great with longer linen!

Solid Colors Guarantee Better Results

We all want to make a “wow” statement at our event or party. This may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to do that is to get solid colored linens. Solid colors genuinely complement table runners, chair sashes or an impactful centerpiece. Picking a solid color would also almost guarantee that the cloth of your choice would be in stock, as rental places tend to carry many more solid color options versus patterned ones.

Whether you’re doing a rustic outdoor wedding or an upscale gala, there are linen rental options that will suit your event perfectly. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details of a significant event – but don’t worry! Experts like Pico Party Rentals have been doing this for years and will ask you thoughtful questions to ensure you order the right linens for your party and things go off without a hitch!