After much effort, the guest list for the wedding is finally complete. Unfortunately, it’s larger than expected. There are no “perfect” number of guests, it just depends on who you want with you on your special day. If you find yourself with an abundance of friends and family members all clamouring to get to your wedding, extra attention is needed. How many people will you have to feed? What is the seating situation going to be like?

Whether you’re a party planner or getting married yourself, making your guests comfortable will make the wedding even better. There are many details in creating a wonderful wedding for a large group and being prepared will help ease the stress so you too can enjoy the life changing, beautiful day.

Here are 6 important tips so you can create a seamless large wedding:

1. Give Yourself a lot of Time

Time is so pivotal in developing a large wedding from scratch. Not only does it ease the stress, but you may actually enjoy the process. We see far too many movies where everything is chaotic and overwhelming. Imagine multiplying tenfold if you have to cater to a hundred plus people! Start early, ideally a year in advance or more, and take the time you need to really explore venues and materials you need for a successful day.

2. Pick Something Unique

When weddings are large, they sometimes lose the specialness that makes a wedding truly unique. Instead of hyperfocusing on all of the tiny details, pick something truly individual that can create the vibe you’re looking for. Imaginative centerpieces, a themed cake, stunning lighting fixtures, an awesome band–picking one thing that really makes your wedding special will help center the theme.

3. Perfection is Unattainable

If you have a ton of people coming to an event, be prepared for a few minor issues. Maybe you’ll run out of extra champaign glasses or perhaps a couple of people will bring guests that weren’t on the list. All these little annoyances are not the end of the world, and won’t take away anything from the overall event.

4. Pick your Top Priorities

In the weddings you’ve attended, what takes the event to the next level? Is it the DJ? The masterful buffet? The photographer? Finding the right people or businesses that create a wonderful and high-quality experience for you should be at the top of your list. Rearrange the importance of your priorities so you can build around what is most meaningful to you.

5. See The Venue In Person

Have you been following a stunning wedding venue on Instagram? Does it check all the boxes for your dream day? Think of the vistas, the rolling hills, or the stunning beaches! Before you put down a deposit, be sure to visit it in person and inspect thoroughly. A lot of venues say they can house a certain number of people, but the reality may be quite different. They also may be next to a loud freeway.

6. Simplicity is Key

By now, perhaps you’ve saved hundreds of pictures on your Pinterest page. There are the miniature placetags or elegant favors for your guests, to name a few. Getting wrapped up in these tiny details can make you feel bogged down when you should be enjoying the process. It won’t make or break a wedding if you don’t create individualized keepsakes for each guest, and it may take away from being in the moment.

Sweating the small stuff isn’t exactly enjoyable. Do you need a knowledgeable planner to help you create the best day possible? Pico Party Rentals has been in the event circuit for over 90 years. We have the experience, the long list of essential items, and the connections that make a large wedding go off without a hitch. Feel free to call and ask us the questions or get quotes for your memorable day!