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Ample seating and table space are essential to your ability to create an inviting dining environment for your special event. However, to truly achieve the desired effect, you must use reliable, high-quality tables and chairs that appropriately support your event’s purpose and theme. At Pico Party Rents, we carry a broad selection of table and chair rentals designed to fit virtually any type of gathering. Our inventory includes round dining tablestand rectangular banquet tables in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for everything from intimate celebrations to conferences and other large-scale events. And, in all cases, we feature stylish, comfortable seating rental options that respect your space limitations while providing a fitting accompaniment for your choice of table.

Sofas and CouchesSofas and Couches

This category includes an assortment of upholstered furniture designed to provide comfortable seating for two or more people. The two terms are essentially interchangeable, although some people use the word sofa in formal settings and the word couch in informal settings. An elongated and upholstered reclining chair, known as a chaise lounge, is commonly included in the category as a type sofa.

Many sofas chairs come in a conventional, straight-backed form available with or without arms. However, models with curved backs are also available. In addition, some people prefer a casual piece of furniture known as a sofa sac, which combines the characteristics of a sofa and a bean bag chair. Lounge sofas and couches come in a wide range of contemporary styles. You can also find Art Deco-inspired pieces, Victorian pieces and other classic styles.

Lounge chairsChairs

Lounge chairs are distinguished from other types of chairs by their thickly padded seats, backs and sides. These features add an increased level of comfort even durin prolonged period of sitting. Like lounge sofas and couches, lounge chairs come in range of styles, from vintage to Art Deco to contemporary.


Benches can do a lot to enhance the lounge seating options at your upcoming special event. They can fit into areas of a room no nescessarilu suitable for sofas, couches or chairs. In addition, you can use them even in larger areas as a convenient method pf increasing your overall seating capacity. You can find benches in the same range of styles as other lounge furniture. Options include both straight and curved models.


An ottoman is low, upholstered piece of furniture that can serve as a footstool or seat. This dual use adds an important element of flexibility to the lounge area of your event. In addition, you can place ottomans in restricted spaces that won’t accommodate a larger seating option. You can find choices to suit almost any furniture style.


Tables are an essential counterpart to the seating options in your lounge area. They give your guests a convenient plave to put their drinks, food and various persoanl items. They can also add significant visual appeal, especially when coordinated with your other furniture choices. You can find lounge table in a range of sizes and heights, as well as styles.


Chances are, you’ll want to outfit your event’s lounge area with a variety of convenience- and comfort-enhancing accessories. Common options include area rugs for the floor and throw pillows for your couches, sofas and chairs. If dancing is part of your event, you may even want to add a dance platform or two your lounge area.

Pico Party Rental stocks a complete inventory of lounge furniture for special events. No matter what type of furniture you need (chairs, sofas, tables, etc.), you’ll find plenty of available options. In addition, our selection covers the complete range ofpopular furniture styles from every era. Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated tea party or an all-night dance marathon, we’ve got your lounge needs covered.

Glow Furniture

Glow furniture Party Rentals

Glow furniture is a fun, colorful choice for a lounge, bar or any other area of your festive special event. All pieces in this category use low-heat, battery-powered LED lights to illuminate the interior of a shell made from polyethylene plastic. In darkened environments, this illumination can produce a dramatic effect that greatly enhances a party atmosphere. Types of glow furniture available in a wide variety of color options include:

Glow Tables

Glow tables come in a range of shapes, sizes and formats. Potential options include low models with lighted tops and unlit legs, hi-boy models with lighted tops and unlit bases, and cylindrical, square or rectangular models made entirely from LED-illuminated plastic. For a more elegant feel, you can also select glow tables that shine LED light through high-quality linen fabric.

Glow Chairs

Glow chairs are made entirely from comfortable, body-molded polyethylene. You can spread them throughout a darkened seating area to create tremendous visual impact for your event. Like other types of glow furniture, you can use these battery-powered chairs in both indoor or outdoors environments.

Glow Bars

Glow bars typically have LED-illuminated tops that shine light upwards, as well as down their front panels. Most models feature traditional tufted padding on their sides and front. However, you can also find bars made from other materials, including stainless steel.

Glow Cubes

Glow cubes are plain or patterned squares of LED-illuminated plastic that light up on all visible surfaces when activated. You can scatter these squares throughout darkened event spaces to create visual interest. You also pile glow cubes in stacks to create makeshift legs for glass- or acrylic-topped tables.

At Pico Party Rental, we know that it’s important to keep up with the very latest special event trends. That’s why our inventory contains a wide selection of cordless glow tables, chairs, bars and cubes. Most of our offerings come equipped with full-spectrum LED lights, which allow you to display any color you desire, or even switch automatically between color settings.

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Founded in the 1920s, Pico Party Rental is Los Angeles’ proven reliable option for high quality event furniture rentals. We support your upcoming event from the very beginning with detailed, expert advice. And on the day of your event, our installation specialists make sure that the setup and removal of your furniture selections go off according to plan. Call us today at our Los Angeles headquarters, and don’t worry about making special requests. Whatever your requirements, we’ll help you keep your guests comfortable and happy.
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