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6 Creative Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’d like to do something to celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays. Looking to break out of the mold and do something exciting for your friends or special someone? Here are six creative Valentine's Day party ideas that can help you set a new high standard. 1) Host a Valentine’s [...]

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The Most Attractive & Cost-Effective Furniture Rentals

When planning your upcoming party, gathering, or special event, you want the most attractive yet cost-effective furniture rentals possible. However, you also want to remain cost-conscious and stick to your budget. These may seem like contradictory goals, but in reality, they’re not. By making smart choices, you can combine attractiveness with cost-effectiveness when making your [...]

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How to Throw a Successful Charity Fundraiser

In the hope of providing needed support for a cause you love, you set out to plan a charity fundraiser. At first glance, this might seem like an overwhelming task. And in reality, it very well could be if you rush into things and fail to get yourself organized. However, with a little help and [...]

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Party Lights are Everything when Creating Atmosphere

A flickering flame offers dim but cozy lighting that creates an intimate atmosphere. In contrast, a bright, blinking disco ball invites dancing and exudes energy. These are just two examples of how party lights can create different atmospheres. Lighting is a powerful way to create mood and atmosphere at your party. The good news is [...]

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How to Choose Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decor

Waiting to find out the assigned sex of your little one until birth? Arguably the most exciting surprise of all time, there are certain consequences to not finding out this detail before they’re born: you can’t plan anything gender-specific. Also, many parents would rather leave how gender manifests up to their child, rather than marketing. [...]

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