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Glow Furniture

Sometimes, special events call for flair and a touch of visual drama, especially in lounge areas set up for drinking, dancing and casual conversation. Nothing adds the desired effect quite like glow furniture, a modern option that has swept across the country in recent years. Industry leader Pico Party Rents carries an extensive selection of battery-powered glow tables, chairs, bars and accessory pieces. We have everything you need to create a showpiece bar or lounge area for your event. In addition, we back every item in our inventory with our unequalled formula of convenience, customer service, and eight decades of party planning expertise.

What Is Glow Furniture?

Glow furniture is made from a durable, weatherproof type of plastic called polyethylene. Modern manufacturers can easily press polyethylene into a wide variety of shapes and create everything from chairs and sofas to tables and bar tops. The “glow” in this type of furniture comes from a very compact light called an LED (light-emitting diode), which uses less power and lasts for a much longer amount of time than a traditional incandescent bulb. This means that you can power the LED in a piece of glow furniture for hours on nothing but a battery. LEDs also produce much less heat than incandescent bulbs, so the furniture never gets uncomfortably warm. Some LEDs can only produce white light or light in a single color. However, glow furniture often contains adjustable LEDs that can move through the entire color spectrum.

Glow Tables

Round Hi-Boy

This all-polyethylene hi-boy is a cylinder-shaped table that stands 42 inches high. It features a spacious 18” diameter top. The full-spectrum LED light allows you to choose from a wide range of colors for your event.

Round Low Table

At 18 inches high, our round, all-polyethylene low table is a perfect accompaniment to low seating in a lounge area. Like the hi-boy model, it features a wide 18-in diameter top. Choose your preferred color(s) with the full-spectrum LED light.

Square Coffee Table

This all-polyethylene model is a full 3’ square and stand 18 inches tall. The low height makes it an excellent counterpart to sofas and chairs in your event’s lounge area. Make your color selections from a full-spectrum LED.

Glow Hi-Boy Table

This table combines a 24” square polyethylene glow top with a sturdy, stable pedestal base. The 44” height makes it a great fit for a sophisticated cocktail atmosphere. As with our all-polyethylene models, you can adjust the top’s LED through a full spectrum of colors.

Glow Low Table

At 18 inches tall, this table is the counterpart to the glow hi-boy table. Key features include a 24” square polyethylene glow top and sturdy, brush-metal legs for reliable stability. The top’s LED light can cycle through the entire color spectrum.

Nova Linen Table

This tall, round table lets you add a bit of flair to more formal types of special events. An LED light at its base shines upward and outward through high-quality Nova cotton/poly linen. Choose from your preferred light color.

Vintage Glow Cube

This 19” x 19” x 19” cube features a beautiful, lace-like outer design on all five visible sides. We offer one model with a white design, and a second model with a black design. Both options come with full-spectrum LEDs for a wide range of color choices.

Regular Glow Cube

Like the vintage glow cube, this 19” x 19” x 19” model features all-polyethylene construction. It also features the same full-spectrum LED light. However, all surfaces are free of the vintage model’s lace pattern.

Vintage Glow Cube Table

This table features two legs made from double stacks of 19” x 19” x 19” vintage glow cubes. A 39” x 96” piece of durable clear acrylic forms the top. Choose from glow cubes with a white or black vintage design. Both options allow you to select your preferred display color(s).

Glow Chairs

Glow Bubble Chair

We feature this comfortable, spacious model, which adds just the right playful, functional touch to event lounges, cocktail bars and dance rooms. The chair stands 27 inches high, and has a wide 30” diameter. The full-spectrum LED light maximizes your potential color options.


Glow Bars

54” and 108” Glow Patio Bars

Standing 42 inches high, our 54” glow patio bar is perfect for smaller patios and other relatively tight spaces. When you have more room and larger crowds, our 108” model provides double the service area for your guests. Both bars feature full-spectrum LEDs mounted beneath their tops. When activated, these lights shine down on the traditional, tufted front panel for dramatic effect. Choose from a wide range of front and side panel color options, including metallic gold and metallic silver.

Glow Martini Bar

At 46 inches high and a full 84 inches wide, the glow martini bar is suitable for larger events where crowding may be a concern. Like the more compact patio bar, this model features tufted front and side panels, as well as full-spectrum LEDs that illuminate the bar top and front. Choose from our large selection of front and side panel color options.

Stainless Steel Glow Bar

This stunning model is sure to make a lasting impression at any special event that includes bar service. The front and side panels are made from beautiful, high-quality stainless steel that gradually angles upward from the bar base. An accompanying stainless steel foot rest adds an extra touch of practical refinement. The five-foot-wide top features durable, translucent polyethylene panels that shine LED light upward and outward.

Sectional Showcase Bar

This adjustable package fits the bill when you want to provide maximum visual impact in your event’s bar/lounge area. It includes glow patio bars and vintage glow cubes, as well as matching barstools and bookcases. Choose as many of these elements as you need to accommodate your guests, and customize the layout to suit the available space.

The Glow Furniture Professionals

While glow furniture is a new innovation in event rentals, Pico Party Rents has served the Los Angeles area since 1925. Our proven track record for competitive pricing, top-notch service and attention to detail makes us the region’s go-to option for all types of glow products, as well as a wide selection of more traditional furniture styles suitable for all kinds of special events. Call our staff of in-house professionals today and take advantage of our planning expertise and legendary event setup and tear-down services. And remember, special requests are our specialty.
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