Serving Pacific Palisades

When you need help planning and running an event in Pacific Palisades, Pico Party Rentals is who you should call. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate party or a large-scale event with hundreds or thousands of guests, we’re prepared to help you with all of the planning and rental equipment you need. Our capable staff are experienced with a wide range of event types and sizes. We’ll help you with every detail from finalizing plans to selecting the best rental equipment for your purposes. We carry a large inventory of dinnerware, tables and chairs, lounge furniture, catering equipment, staging and flooring, and entertainment equipment appropriate for any event.

Why Pico Party Rentals?

If you want party-planning experience, there’s no better place to go than Pico Party Rentals. We’ve been in business since 1925, meaning that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pull from when planning an event. Over the years, we’ve learned the key elements of party planning to ensure that each event is highly successful. Come to Pico Party Rentals to learn how you can ensure you and your guests enjoy an outstanding party experience. We’ll share the secrets and tricks of the trade as we plan together.

In addition to our expertise in making your vision and dreams for your party come to life, we also provide a wide range of equipment that you can rent. We’ve accumulated an extensive inventory in dinnerware, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, catering equipment, entertainment equipment and staging and flooring equipment. We’ve carefully chosen each piece for its high quality, functions and aesthetics. Customize your Pacific Palisades event to perfection, creating the exact look and feel you’re looking for.

Our Services

Our services are comprehensive. We’ll help you from day one of your party planning by helping you determine basics like how much space you’ll need, how many tables to order and more. In addition, we’ll help with design. On event-day, our capable staff will also help with setup and teardown after the event is over. Trust our experts who have overseen many different event types including lounge events, conferences, fashion shows, weddings, fundraisers, kids’ parties, school events and private parties.

Working with Pico Party Rentals is simple. Let us know what the vision is for your party and we’ll add to your plans with suggestions and advice. We are happy to help with special requests, which we often fulfill. Whether you’re looking to work with a special theme or create a certain environment, we’ll accommodate.

Our Inventory

We keep a complete inventory stocked with a wide variety of items and equipment in different designs, styles, models and sizes so that you can rent the right colored dishes, matching lounge furniture and just the right type of chair you had in mind.


Almost any event plans include appetizers or a full meal. Display the delicious food that you’ll offer to your guests on gorgeous dinnerware that makes the food enticing to try. We maintain a full range of options so that you can offer your guests unmatched presentation:

Pico Party Rents Dinnerware In Pacific Palisades

  •        Dishware – Select from our china sets to use for a seven course meal or refreshments. To help keep with your theme and the ambiance you’re looking to create, choose from our many color, shape and style options. We carry everything from traditional white and embellished plates to modern colors and exciting shapes. With our wide selection, you’re sure to find something that works perfectly for your event.
  •        Glassware – We carry glassware appropriate for any drinks you’re planning on serving. Commonly requested items include wine glasses, pitchers, water glasses, dessert glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses and hi-ball and lo-ball cocktails glasses.
  •        Silverware – Select the silverware that best fits your needs. We offer several sizes, designs and shapes of forks, spoons and knives. From modern to elegant designs, there’s a type of silverware that will match your party’s look perfectly.

Tables & Chairs

Pico Party Rents Tables & Chairs In Pacific PalisadesSet the tone for your Pacific Palisades area event with tables and chairs that reflect your desired style. We have long banquet tables, round tables, square tables and folding tables. We even carry children’s tables and picnic tables for more informal events and accommodating the youngest guests. All of our tables come in a variety of sizes so that you can decide how many guests will sit at each table.

To finish your tables, we offer a wide range of fine linens in over 30 solid colors and additional patterned options so that you can create the look you’re going for. The linens greatly enhance the table set-up and often provide the base for any color themes you’re planning on using. To complete the look, choose from our elegant tabletop centerpieces. Whether you’d like to use the centerpiece to hold a candle or flowers, we have something that will work for you.

Finally, you can choose from our variety of chairs that meet your guest and event needs. If you foresee lots of moving around, plastic and wooden folding chairs are practical. We also offer formal wooden dining chairs, which add a touch of elegance and formality. Finally, children’s chairs are also available to accommodate the youngest guests.

Lounge Furniture

A lounge area provides a space for your guests to relax and engage with others in a more intimate setting. Create this relaxed atmosphere with our sofas, couches, end tables, coffee tables, etc. We even have all of the accessories you’ll need such as rugs, pillows and more.

Catering Equipment

Pico Party Rents Catering Equipment In Pacific PalisadesCooking for your own event? Whether you’ve hired a chef or will be doing some of the food preparation on your own, we can help you outfit your event locale with even the most challenging items. At Pico Party Rentals we carry ovens, deep fryers, refrigerators and freezers, food racks and more. We also provide everything you need to serve your guests, from trays, platters, serving bowls and dishes to salt and pepper shakers. With all of this taken care of, you can proceed with confidence knowing that the food for your event will be freshly prepared and served in style to your guests.

Staging & Flooring

Will your event include public speaking, dancing or performances? We can create the perfect space bands, speeches and dancing. Our temporary dance floors will provide a comfortable and inviting space for your guests to dance all night long–and a gorgeous stage easily draws your guest’s attention.

Entertainment Equipment

Pico Party Rents Entertainment Equipment In Pacific PalisadesSound systems, spotlights, strip lighting, gobo lights and more are among some of our post popular entertainment equipment rental items.These final touches enhance the visual appeal and interest of your event.

We can also help you control the crowds at large events through the use of metal barricades, brushed-chrome aisle stands, and high-quality stanchion rope.

Don’t let your Pacific Palisades area guests suffer long lines while waiting to use the restroom. We can also rent you portable restrooms.

Proudly Serving Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades is a gorgeous, coastal neighborhood within LA. This largely residential area is home to many beautiful party and event venues that make it an ideal area to host your function.

Pico Party Rentals is nearby Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Come by and see us to learn how we can help you with your upcoming event or party. Alternatively, give us a call to ask your questions and set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you pull off your best party or event yet!