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Dining Rentals

Dining is a central activity at many types of special events, including weddings, company picnics, and fundraisers. This means that a well-considered dining plan can go a long way toward ensuring your function’s success.

The experts at Pico Party Rents know what it takes to create a truly memorable dining experience for your event’s guests and VIPs. Rent dinnerware, tables, chairs and linens to bars, catering equipment and food and beverage service equipment for your next event, Our inventory includes everything you need on the dining floor and behind the scenes. And in every case, we combine our comprehensive inventory of dining equipment with 81 years of experience, legendary customer service, competitive pricing and an eye for even the smallest details required to help your event goes as planned. Let us show you exactly why we’re greater Los Angeles’ preferred choice for high-quality dining rentals.

Tables & Chairs


Ample seating and table space are essential to your ability to create an inviting dining environment for your special event. However, to truly achieve the desired effect, you must use reliable, high-quality tables and chairs that appropriately support your event’s purpose and theme. At Pico Party Rents, we carry a broad selection of table and chair rentals designed to fit virtually any type of gathering. Our inventory includes round dining tables and rectangular banquet tables in a wide variety of sizes , suitable for everything from intimate family celebrations to conferences and other large-scale events. And, in all cases, we feature stylish, comfortable seating rental options that respect your space limitations while providing a fitting accompaniment for your choice of table.



For many types of casual or informal events, you will need paper plates, plastic utensils, and disposable cups are a convenient, sensible choice for foodservice. However, in more formal situations. Pico Party Rents recognizes the need for top-quality dinnerware rental options that produce the touch of distinction you require. That’s why we offer complete dining set rentals that include appropriate plates, cups and utensils for each course of service, as well as each beverage choice on your menu.

Catering Equipment


If you plan to serve food or beverages to the guests at your upcoming event, you’re going to need to rent catering equipment that provides ample space to prepare and store the items on your menu. What’s more, in order to keep your guests happy, you’ll need to keep these items at the appropriate serving temperature. Pico Party Rents helps you achieve these important objectives with a broad selection of catering equipment rentals for the behind-the-scenes use. Our list of available catering equipment rentals includes cooking appliances such as ovens and grills, as well as racks and other cooking accessories. It also includes storage device such as refrigerators, coolers and food warmers. Whether your menu features hot or cold items, we thoroughly support your preparation and storage requirements.

We also carry a range of beverage rental options suitable for all kinds of events. These options include everything from beverage dispensers to platters, trays, bowls and chafing dishes for all of the items on your menu. We make sure that we provide beverage rentals that always have an appropriate place for your food and drinks during dining.



Tablecloths are perfect for adding a touch of refinement to the meal service at your special event. Traditionally, the most desirable tablecloths are made from linen, a natural fiber known for its longevity and durability. At Pico Party Rents, we carry a broad range of linen rentals suitable for even the most distinguished settings. Whether your plans call for round, square or rectangular tables, our functional, stylish coverings will help make your event a success.



Bars are a common feature at most types of adult-oriented special events. In fact, some functions rent bars to use as a social gathering point and a contributor to the desired party atmosphere. Sometimes, ballrooms and other event spaces come with a built-in bar that’s all set up and ready to go. However, in many cases, you will need to rent a bar in order to provide an adequate for drink service. Pico Party Rents helps you meet this need with a variety of bar rental options. Importantly, our bars blend well with our other rental selections, giving you the ability to select party rentals that maintain a unified theme for your upcoming function.

Call on the Dining Rental Experts

From our home base in Los Angeles, Pico Party Rents has proudly served the many communities of Los Angeles since the early 20th century. Over our long history, we’ve learned how to properly assist with all kinds of special events, regardless of their size, purpose or level of formality. Whether your plans include an intimate family gathering or a larger corporate conference, our courteous and knowledgeable professional staff has the skills required to assist you through every phase of your upcoming function. From the rental of the right equipment to final teardown and cleanup at the end of the day, we do everything we can to ensure your success. And if your plans call for something out of the ordinary, rest assured in the knowledge that we specialize in making one-of-a-kind requests a reality. Call us today to review your dining rental options with our in-house experts.
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I have been working with Darren Edwards since about 2007, just this year we have used him for three events at the same location. Which by the way is a very laborious job due to the layout of the property. In any event Darren and the Pico Family have always been so AWESOME and VERY RESPONSIVE especially to last minute needs. I would definitely recommend Pico Party Rents for all your needs big and small! Until the next event, well done!

- SSG D.