The Event Rental Headquarters for the City of Arcadia

In the City of Arcadia and all of Los Angeles County, Pico Party Event Rentals serves as the preferred outlet for the very best in equipment rental and event planning expertise. Whether you’re hosting a simple backyard gathering, creating your dream wedding or preparing for a major corporate meeting, we have everything you need to bring your plans off without a hitch. When you must have an expert in your corner, we’re there on your behalf.

Our Inventory


In addition to serving a functional purpose, dinnerware is often a visual focal point for place settings at special events such as weddings and charity gatherings. Pico Party Event Rentals offers a complete range of items fit for use at formal or semi-formal occasions. Your options include:

Pico Party Rents Dinnerware In City of Arcadia

  •         Dishware – Our stock of dishware features complete sets of high-quality china. Select the items you need for each course of your event menu. Or if you like, make no-fuss arrangements for preferred items not in our inventory.
  •         Glassware – Choose from our comprehensive range of glassware options. From pitchers and water glasses to specialized drink glasses, we carry virtually everything you’ll need. And if you don’t see your desired items, we’ll acquire them for you ASAP.
  •         Silverware – Use our extensive inventory to create appropriate place settings for even the most upscale gathering or event. Our available options include the most popular silverware materials and styles. We also fulfill special requests for items not in our everyday catalog.

Tables & Chairs

Most well-planned events require the appropriate use of tables and chairs. We make it easy to find the items you need with our vast inventory. Round out your selections with our wide assortment of linens.

Pico Party Rents Tables & Chairs In City of Arcadia

  •         Round Tables – We stock eight heavy-duty sizes of these popular items. Choose the right option to accommodate as few as two people per table, or as many as 12.
  •         Banquet Tables – We feature six sizes of these rectangular folding tables. Heavy-gauge materials ensure stability and durability. Choose as needed to fit your event’s guest list and layout.
  •         Chairs – Our inventory features a wide selection of options for your adult-oriented function, including Chiavari dining chairs and wood and metal folding chairs. We also carry a range of options specifically designed for children, including everything from size-appropriate folding chairs to plastic chairs and mesh chairs.
  •         Linens –Nova table linens are the featured items in our inventory. Choose from almost three dozen solid-colored varieties of these top-quality cotton/poly blends. Or alternatively, select one of three patterned options available in a multitude of hues.

Lounge Furniture

Some events are completely organized around a casual theme. In addition, even formal or semi-formal events may include a casual area designed to give guests room to relax and blow off steam. We support events in both categories with the region’s most varied inventory of lounge furniture. Your options include:

  •         Art Deco-themed couches and sofas
  •         Contemporary-themed couches and sofas
  •         Old-Europe and Victorian-themed couches and sofas
  •         Coffee tables and end tables
  •         High and low cocktail tables
  •         Ottomans in various styles and sizes
  •         Straight and curved benches (in traditional and contemporary styles)
  •         LED-illuminated glow furniture (including chairs, tables, bars and free-standing glow cubes)
  •         Rugs
  •         Pillows, and
  •         Various other accessory items

We also feature themed collections that truly simplify the goal of lounge furniture coordination. Choose from our:

  •         Miami Joe Collection
  •         Victorian Collection
  •         Deco Collection, and
  •         Royal Collection

Staging & Flooring

Pico Party Event Rentals stocks the items needed to create stages and floors at events of all sizes and purposes. Choose from:

  •         Modular staging (three standard sizes and three standard heights)
  •         Portable stage steps
  •         Stage skirting
  •         Modular subflooring
  •         Modular floors suitable for dancing and other activities
  •         Astroturf
  •         Carpeting
  •         Above-ground pool covers, and
  •         Flush-mounted pool covers

In addition, we support your plans for a special event ice rink with all required materials (sides, bases and platforms).

Catering Equipment

If you’re not planning to hire a third-party caterer for your food-oriented special event, you must plan for the rental of appropriate catering equipment. Your list of must-haves will likely include items for food prep and storage. You’ll also probably need a number of food service-related items, and maybe even a bar for drink service. We help you meet your catering needs with:

Pico Party Rents Catering Equipment In City of Arcadia

Food Prep and Storage Items

  •         Ovens
  •         Refrigerators
  •         Deep Fryers
  •         Freezers
  •         Grills, and
  •         A wide selection of utensils

Items for Food and Nonalcoholic Beverage Service

  •         Serving bowls
  •         Trays
  •         Platters
  •         Chafing dishes
  •         Food lamps
  •         Soft drink dispensers
  •         Water dispensers, and
  •         Condiment dispensers and other miscellaneous items


  •         Patio bars in multiple sizes and configurations
  •         Martini bars in multiple sizes and configurations

Entertainment Equipment

The entertainment equipment category includes anything you might need to put on a safe, well-supported show for your event guests. Our list of performance-related items includes:

Pico Party Rents Entertainment Equipment In City of Arcadia

  •         Complete PA and music reproduction systems
  •         Strip lights, spotlights and gobo lights
  •         Light controllers, and
  •         Sturdy, lightweight trusses for lighting rigs

Maintain orderly crowd control with our:

  •         Stable, durable metal barricades
  •         Chrome aisle stands
  •         Plastic aisle stands, and
  •         Stanchion rope

Provide needed restroom services with our:

  •         Basic two-station units
  •         Deluxe two-station units, and
  •         Deluxe four-station units

Keep event temperatures comfortable with our:

  •         Freestanding, large-diameter cooling fans, and
  •         Multiple heating options (tent heaters, lava heaters and Solo Flo heaters)

Event Planning Services

For five generations, Pico Party Event Rentals has helped the residents of greater Los Angeles realize their dreams for their ideal special events. Whatever type of event you have in mind, you can count on our 90-plus years of knowhow to guide you through the ins and outs of successful planning. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  •         Anniversary parties
  •         Weddings
  •         Fundraisers
  •         Private parties
  •         Conferences
  •         School-related functions, and
  •         Kids’ parties

Proudly Serving the City of Arcadia

Arcadia is a prosperous Los Angeles County community located in the San Gabriel Valley south of the San Gabriel Mountains. The city of 57,000-plus frequently appears on national best-of lists for income and livability. Arcadia serves as the site of the famous Santa Anita Park thoroughbred racetrack and the neighboring Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Other nearby landmarks and attractions include Angeles National Forest – San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the Santa Fe Dam Recreation area in Irwindale and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Family-owned Pico Party Event Rentals is located west of Arcadia at 13414 S. Figueroa St. in Los Angeles. For close to a century, we’ve served the entire region as the go-to source for high-quality event rental equipment. We’re also time-tested experts in the field of event planning and logistics, and no one can make our track record for service and convenience. To make arrangements, inquire about specific rental options or speak to a planning professional, call us today.