The Event Rental Source for Agoura Hills

In Agoura Hills and the surrounding areas, Pico Party Rentals is your partner in event rentals and planning. We are prepared to assist you with any event whether it’s a small, intimate family gathering or a large-scale party with hundreds or thousands of guests. Our experienced staff can help you with everything from organization to the rental of any and all equipment you require such as dinnerware, tables and chairs, lounge furniture, catering equipment, staging and flooring, or entertainment equipment.

Why Pico Party Rentals?

With over 90 years of experience in party planning and party rentals, we have seen everything in both private and corporate events. That means we have the knowledge base you need when planning an event so that it’s successful and provides a wonderful experience for you and your guests. Allow our expert staff to provide you with advice and suggestions based on your overall concept and goals.

In addition to experience and helpful staff for party planning, we hold a very wide range of equipment that you may rent for your event. Choose from our extensive options in dinnerware, tables and chairs, lounge furniture, catering equipment, staging and flooring  and entertainment equipment. With the wide variety of options we offer, you can customize your Agoura Hills event to perfection, creating exactly the look and feel you want.

Our Services

As experts in event planning, rentals, design and setups and teardowns, we are able to guide you through the entire event planning process all the way to execution. We are knowledgeable and experienced with a great number of event types such as: lounge events, conferences, fashion shows, weddings, fundraisers, kids’ parties, school events and private parties. We’ll discuss your plans, expectations and needs for the party, and our helpful staff will provide you with suggestions as necessary. Special requests are our pleasure to fulfill. If you’re looking to follow a certain theme or create a unique environment, we are happy to accommodate.

Then, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting all the rental items you will need from our very large inventory. We guarantee you’ll find something that creates the effect you’re looking for.

Finally, on event day, our helpful staff will set-up everything you need to run your event. We’ll then be prepared for a quick teardown once everything is finished so that you can relax.

Our Inventory


Most events feature a meal or h’orderves. Highlight the delicious food offered to guests with beautiful dinnerware that enhances its visual appeal. We offer a wide range of options to create the perfect presentation:

Pico Party Rents Dinnerware In Agoura Hills

  •        Dishware – From appetizers to dessert, we carry a range of china sets that will perfectly fit together on your table in an appealing manner for your guests. Take a look at the many colors, shapes and styles we offer. From traditional white to brighter, modern colors, as well as round, textured or square shapes, there’s something that will appeal to you and make your event set-up really stand out.
  •        Glassware – We carry an extensive inventory of wine glasses, pitchers, water glasses, dessert glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses and hi-ball and lo-ball cocktails glasses.
  •        Silverware – Choose from our many options in silverware including several sizes and types of forks, spoons and knives. Whether you prefer a modern look or something more elegant, we have the perfect silverware for you.

Tables & Chairs

Pico Party Rents Tables & Chairs In Agoura HillsWith the right tables and chairs, you can create the tone of your event. Choose from long, banquet tables, round tables, square tables, folding tables, children’s tables and even benches or picnic tables. Each of these options come in a variety of sizes so that you can choose how many guests to seat at each table, as is appropriate for your event.

We also carry fine linens in 30 solid color options in addition to patterned options, and many different shade choices. With linens, you’ll enhance the look of your table set-up and help define the color choices for your event. Finally, complete your table plans with our elegant tabletop pieces. Choose from our tabletop pieces ideal for holding a candle. This simple element adds warmth to each table and the event overall, creating a soft glow.

Our chairs come in a variety of styles that you may choose depending on your needs. From easy to manage plastic or wooden folding chairs, to formal wooden dining chairs, and even children’s chairs, we are prepared to handle all styles of events.

Lounge Furniture

Create a relaxed atmosphere at your special event with a lounge area. Pick and choose from our large inventory of sofas and couches, end tables, coffee tables and more, all available in a number of designs. We also offer modern glow furniture ideal for evening events. Finally, complete your look with our rugs, pillows and other accessories.

Catering Equipment

Pico Party Rents Catering Equipment In Agoura HillsOur catering equipment includes everything you need for food preparation and storage for your event. Our food preparation inventory includes even the most challenging items such as ovens, deep fryers, grills, refrigerators,  freezers, food racks and more. Also included are specialty equipment for serving food (trays, platters, serving bowls and dishes, salt and pepper shakers) and beverages in addition to drink service. With your catering equipment ordered, all you’ll need is the chef and wait staff to cook and serve.


Staging & Flooring

Allow us to accommodate any public speaking, dancing or performances that will take place at your event. From stage set-ups to beautiful temporary dance floors, we have your staging and flooring needs covered. Need additional space? We can even cover your above ground pool to remove this hazard and gain floor space.

Entertainment Equipment

Pico Party Rents Entertainment Equipment In Agoura HillsAdditional equipment for your event such as spotlights, strip lighting, gobo lights, complete sound systems and more, are the final touches that enhance the visual appeal and interest of your event.

In addition, control the flow of guests at your event with our crowd control equipment such as metal barricades, brushed-chrome aisle stands, and high-quality stanchion rope.

Ensure that guests are comfortable and happy by including portable restrooms and heating and cooling options as necessary.

Proudly Serving Agoura Hills

We’re thrilled to include the beautiful community of Agoura Hills within our service area. Agoura Hills, the gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains, is home to beautiful views and event venues that we enjoy furnishing and preparing to create the perfect occasion.

Agoura Hills is within easy reach of our Los Angeles home, where you’re welcome to come discuss your event needs with our helpful and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to stop by or give us a call and we’ll be glad to get to work to provide you with the highest quality event planning and equipment rentals in the area. We look forward to serving you!