When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’d like to do something to celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays. Looking to break out of the mold and do something exciting for your friends or special someone? Here are six creative Valentine’s Day party ideas that can help you set a new high standard.

1) Host a Valentine’s Game Night

Instead of strictly focusing on the romance, invite your friends over for a fun, rousing game night. To make the evening more special, keep your usual game choices stowed away and try something different. Possible activities for Valentine’s Day party ideas include:

  •         Quizzes featuring the characters from famous romantic movies
  •         A Name That Love Song competition
  •         A competition to see who can write the best (or worst!) poetry using a list of common romantic phrases

2) Make It Personal

To make your celebration unique, consider including personalized Valentine’s Day party favors in your plans. If you like, you can focus on food-related items like mints or chocolates. You can also add names or initials to hats, horns, or other traditional, non-food favors. Create your own labels, or have them made for you at a party supply store.

3) Create a Themed Valentine’s Dinner Party

Instead of going out to eat on Valentine’s Day, why not host a themed Valentine’s dinner party, instead? You can keep things casual by putting together a simple, straightforward menu for your guests. Or, if you prefer, you can aim for informal elegance. Whatever your choice, a well-designed evening will help create fond memories for everyone in attendance.

4) Host a Themed Valentine’s Candy Party

Don’t feel like preparing a sit-down Valentine’s Day meal? Take a more light-hearted approach with Valentine’s Day party themes surrounding candy or snacks. You’re not limited to chocolates, hearts and other typical options. Today, you’ll find all kinds of candies available in Valentine’s packaging.

5) Host a Themed Baking Party

If baking is a popular activity among your circle of friends, try hosting baking-themed Valentine’s Day party activities. Once everyone’s gathered, you can make cookies, cakes, cupcakes or any other treat you desire. Then comes the fun of decorating your baked goods to suit the Valentine’s Day party decorations. You can use a baking party as a prelude to other events, or make it the center of your day’s celebrations.

6) Put Together a Galentine’s Night

Tired of focusing exclusively on romantic relationships on Valentine’s Day? As an alternative, consider putting together a Galentine’s celebration for the members of your squad. You can also incorporate any of the other options on this list, from games to baking parties.

Seek Help From a Professional Party Planner

Want some more ideas on how to create an exciting Valentine’s Day gathering? All you have to do is call Pico Party Rentals. We can help you create a theme customized down to the finest detail. We also have a full inventory of affordable, themed Valentine’s Day party supplies that maximize your convenience.