Planning a Surprise Party for Your Guest of Honor

There are few things as wonderful as throwing a surprise party for your guest of honor. The payoff is great (especially the look on their faces in mid-surprise!) and there is nothing but love in the room. The party may look effortless, however, throwing a surprise party is anything but. Unlike regular events, a surprise [...]

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5 Tips for Success During your Grand Opening

For many small business owners, opening their establishment is part of a life-long dream, and this milestone is not something they want to let slip by unnoticed or without celebration. In addition to allowing you the chance to really revel in what you have accomplished, a grand opening celebration is a great way to network [...]

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The Importance of Flooring and Staging at your Event

Flooring and staging are the foundation of any event or party, yet it is often the most overlooked. Many clients focus so much on the menu, theme, and event program that they fail to grasp how important it is to have a foolproof floor plan. Your guests’ safety depends on a well-planned and accurately installed [...]

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5 Summer Party Ideas for the Great Outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to host a party. The weather is warm, kids are out of school and fun is in the air. The park or backyard is the perfect place to be to enjoy the great weather. But, what should you use as a theme? How can you plan a fun, summery party [...]

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The Beauty of a Black & White Themed Party

Imagine your place or a gorgeous party venue decked out in white and black balloons, elegant black and white table settings featuring white peonies in black vases, and serving tables featuring white and black appetizers and desserts. The lighting is low and there are candles on each table. When guests arrive, all of the gentlemen [...]

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5 Unique Party Ideas for Your Graduate’s Big Day

Make your graduates feel extra special on their graduation day by planning a unique party they can enjoy with their friends. A memorable party doesn’t need to be over the top. Just a little DIY here and there are enough to create a fun-filled day. Your graduate and guests will surely appreciate your effort and [...]

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5 Ways a Party Rental Service can Help A Charity Fundraiser

Aside from being an important component of your organization’s monetary strategy, a fundraiser event will give you a chance to interact with your supporters and the community. Fundraising should not be a stressful event. A reliable party rental service will make sure your event is not only executed successfully, but with less hassle and frustration [...]

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Simple Tips for Creating a Relaxing Lounge Area

Every year sees big trends in parties, but most trends fade out rather quickly. One trend that has been going strong and is unlikely to fade out anytime soon is having a relaxing lounge area at your party. These lounge spaces are meant to give guests a space to relax while enjoying a drink and [...]

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10 Essential Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party

Throwing a great party can feel overwhelming. But, it’s not impossible. If you’re not sure where to start, use these essential tips that work time and time again to throw a perfect party: 1. Greet and Welcome Set the tone for all of your guests by personally welcoming them to your party as they arrive. [...]

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5 Unique Southern California Party Ideas

Do you love entertaining? It seems like everyone here in Southern California does. From block parties to garden parties to beach parties, social life in the area revolves around festive get-togethers. And while this means your life is never boring when you call SoCal home, it also means that if you want your party to [...]

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